Barry D Fraser

From a guy and a totally unclean freak perspective, this stuff really is good. Those usual jobs guys tend to get delegated with, window cleaning and oven cleaning spring to mind, are a doddle with Eco3 Products. Window Cleaning is immediately easier once this stuff has been used for the first time, muck does not stick to it and a quick spray and wipe over with the Eco3 Mitt (that one sounds expensive till you actually use it – trust me, it’s not) and a whole house worth of windows is done in double quick time. Also note that it doesn’t streak and you can even do them in direct sunlight. The oven cleaner also takes a bit of work the first time – no more than any other product mind – then it just gets easier and easier. Baked on grease does not stick anymore and even hobs (gas or electric) are quick and easy. Less time cleaning = more time in the pub. So if you love your man, get him some Eco.3 Responsible Cleaning products, he’ll easily earn more pub time. Did I mention that they are environmentally safe and non toxic?

Sadly we have heard that our client Barry has passed away. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all his family.