Car Treatments using ECO.3

How do we treat our Cars the ECO.3 Eco-Responsible way.

Car Treatments using ECO.3 Auto products.

For many of us, our cars are like our babies. We tend to buy all the best creams lotions and potions to make them look their best.

But do we ever stop to think what we are doing to the paintwork and the environmental impact we are having by choosing products that are a great deal more harmful than they need to be.

In the next few paragraphs we will show you a way to give your car the best makeover its ever had while using products that are so kind to you, the applicator, and mother nature.

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Firstly, spray the car with water to remove any surface dirt.

Mix 1 part ECO.3 Auto Wash into 9 parts water and using a regular sponge wash the whole car. Rinse off well with clean water.


Much Micro-scratching and oxidation through time results in your car looking dull and out of condition. Reenergize it with Surface Protect Cut /Auto Body cutting Paste This powerful Quartz product cuts into the paintwork, lifting all the dirt and grime out of the paint and removes all the oxidation leaving your car looking like its just had a respray, with little effort. Yes its true to say that there is some work to be done to master the application, however, if you don’t have the time then you can always use our more DIY type product the Auto Shine which is indeed a spray on –wipe off product taking little skill and little time to produce an excellent result.

How to apply Surface Protect Cut / Auto Body Cutting Paste

Apply the product directly onto a buffing pad and dab the pad onto the surface to be treated in several different places within a small area

Damp the surface with a spray of water then begin to buff. Check the surface after every pass to ensure you are not burning into the paintwork.

Keep the surface damp at all times. Continue to pass evenly over the surface until you have reached the desired amount of buffing.

Wash off the excess residue with clean water then polish the surface to a desired finish.

Once you have achieved this quality finish you can then seal it with Surface Protect Coat / Auto Guard

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Surface Protect Coat – Auto Guard is a clear finishing polish that is applied by a cotton cloth using circular polishing movements evenly over the whole surface. Allow it to set onto the surface then polish it up by hand after a curing time of 30 minutes. This coating will last approximately 2 years.

Each year we recommend you refresh your auto paintwork with our Surface Protect All-in-One product.


Surface Protect All-in-One is a polishing and coating product in one. Clearly it does not cut so deeply, not penetrating the surface so much but enough to remove the dirt in the Surface Protect Coat. It allows you to buff up your car back to its original leaving a semi-permanent coating on the surface to protect it for another year.


Auto Shine / Spray & Shine

If time is a huge problem then we have developed a product that leaves your car fully protected from the elements simply by spraying it onto your car and wiping it off…YES that simple. Your car will look absolutely WAW using Spray & Shine / Auto Shine with the rain just jumping off it for at least 6-8 weeks. You simply just do it again and again. The great beauty of this product is that you can even apply it when the surface is wet and it produces the same professional results. Our Auto Shine does exactly what it says.


Auto View

Another great product from the ECO.3 range is our Auto View, like our Auto Shine this too can be applied whether the surface is dry or wet. Auto view allows the rain ice and snow to simply fall off the screen providing clearer visability thus safer driving conditions. Again this is a simple spray on- wipe off application. Yet the results are amazing.


Auto Shine and Auto View are the perfect DIY gift for any motorist while our Auto  Cutting Paste, Auto Guard and the All-in-One products are more suited for those who are happy to spend a little more time and effort to produce a remarkable showroom finish..

Whatever Car Treatment Applications you choose from ECO.3 you are assured to get the best possible results.