How to Solve the Biggest Cleaning Problems with The Eco.3 Range.

If your least favourite household chore is cleaning the oven, you’re in good company. Recent research has shown that scrubbing our ovens is the UK’s least favourite cleaning job.

And scouring our bathrooms and wiping windows are also unpopular. But with mould, germs, bacteria and viruses skulking on your surfaces, all these jobs need to be done.

And, while chemical based cleaning products rid you of these bugs, they don’t only harm the germs. Breathing problems, skin allergies, hormonal imbalances and cancer are just a few of the illnesses linked with common household chemicals. Luckily, there are alternative natural products that solve the worst of your cleaning problems without risking your family’s health.

Cleaning the oven – the job no-one wants

Removing burnt-on food and grease requires the use of caustic oven cleaner. Accidentally breathe it in and a furry tongue, sore throat, dizziness and headache let you know it’s not good for your body. In fact, oven cleaners irritate allergies and contain chemicals that are linked to skin, digestive and respiratory irritation, vision damage and cancer. These cleaning tips replace oven cleaner with a natural alternative, save you money and remove corrosive chemicals from your diet.

Cleaning problems, Cleaning with natural ingredients, cleaning tips

The ECO.3 oven cleaning solution

Remove the racks from your oven and switch on the heat its lowest temperature – usually about 40C. Spray on ECO.3 Ultraclean Oven and BBQ Cleaner over the interior and also onto the racks. Leave the product for around 10-15 minutes to penetrate through the grease and grime. Ensure that the racks and oven interior remain wet with product. Test a small area to see if the grease and grime are easily removed and then wipe away the soils with a damp sponge.

Can’t see what’s cooking through your oven door? Then use the ECO.3 Ultraclean Oven and BBQ Cleaner Open the door, apply and, after 15-20 minutes, rub until the glass is clear. Now you can see how your dinner’s doing without opening the door also saving money on your gas or electric bill.

Bathroom cleaning – the second worst job and a real number two

Cleaning your bathroom with traditional bleach-based bathroom cleaners introduces chlorine to your home and ammonia to the environment. Commonly used in disinfectants and toilet cleaners, chlorine can cause dizziness, vomiting and breathing difficulties. And once flushed away, it converts to ammonia poisoning the environment, water and aquatic life.

And it’s not just chemicals that are the problem. Many standard cleaning products contain micro-beads to give your surfaces extra shine. These tiny plastic fibres can’t be filtered out and end up in our rivers, seas and oceans. Here they attract and absorb persistent organic pollutants before being swallowed by fish including tuna, muscles and salmon. These plastics work up the food chain and on to your plate.

Bathroom cleaning the Eco-Responsible way

Simply spray ECO.3 Bathroom Cleaner onto all your bathroom surfaces. Along with its allergen free perfume, there is a strong and effective cleaner that penetrates grease, soap scum and fats. Simply spray onto the surface and wipe away the dirt with the unique ECO.3 EMR Microfibre to make all your ceramic, plastic and glass surfaces sparkle and clinically clean. Best of all though, it is non-carcinogenic, non-toxic and totally biodegradable and will not damage aquatic life. You don’t even throw away the spray bottle because it’s designed to be re-usable. When it’s empty simply tear off the top of the ECO.3 Bathroom Refill sachet and add it to 700ml of water from your tap. Simple!

Cleaning problems, Cleaning with natural ingredients, cleaning tips

Window cleaners bring more than light into your property

Cleaning your windows introduce glycol ethers into your home. Linked to lung and kidney damage and anaemia in people and pets, as you pump spray onto surfaces and windows, the fluid releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They enter your body through the skin and are also inhaled and ingested. Particularly harmful for unborn children, they can cause low birth weight, birth defects, and premature births. If that wasn’t bad enough, VOCs can also alter the baby’s immune system resulting in health conditions later in life like asthma and allergies. The concentration of VOCs is often 100 times higher in the home than outdoors and closing containers doesn’t stop these poisons from leaking out.

Let the light in without harming your family

Window cleaning with Eco-Responsible products gives great results without any harmful chemicals. For sparkling windows, spray ECO.3 Window Cleaner onto the surface and wipe away the dirt using and ECO.3 Evolution microfibre. This combination puts a negative electrostatic charge onto the glass and the super positive charge and absorbency of the ECO.3 Evolution microfibre lifts of all the dirt and residue leaving a totally streak free finish. For even faster results, use the ECO.3 Window glove, specially developed to speed window cleaning and guaranteeing a streak free sparkling finish. Just one more advantage, when its empty don’t throw away the plastic spray bottle because it’s designed to be re-usable. Simply tear off the top of the ECO.3 Window Refill sachet and add it to 700ml of water from your tap. Simple!

Cleaning problems, Cleaning with natural ingredients, cleaning tips

The toughest problem of all

Now you know how to tackle the worst cleaning problems in your home without using nasty chemicals. This leaves the biggest problem of all: understanding what’s in your cleaning products.