Single Use Plastic is Not Ethical


More and more scientific data is becoming available – not to mention the visible evidence strewn around our beaches and tidal estuary’s – that the world is awash with plastic that simply will not disappear or biodegrade.

Each time we take a trip to the supermarket we buy more and more, perhaps not thinking about the consequences of our actions. Society has perhaps taught us that we live in a consumer society, where we simply consume and discard at our whim. Society was wrong! The results of our headlong rush into consumerism has impacted our environment to such an extent that we are destroying some of our most beautiful and fragile environments.

Plastic waste dumped in our oceans is not acceptable, neither is the vast tonnage of plastic waste that is incinerated each year  which adds to our growing carbon emissions. What is needed is a change in our approach to consumerism and needless waste.

By listening to Jeff Bridges explaining how plastics are endangering our oceans, it is clear that in order to reduce our impact on our environment, we really need to stop purchasing single use plastic and think more long term. Because plastics are extremely useful and can last many years, ECO.3 have taken the view that we should champion the use of multiple use plastics, and offer a lifetime guarantee on their use. Our trigger sprays and bottles are all recyclable in the event that they become damaged in the future and they can be returned to us for recycling.

Further, instead of buying the same spray bottles and triggers each week simply to throw them away when empty actually costs you money. You are buying something for the contents alone and have no interest in the container although you are paying for it.

Why not consider just purchasing refills and re-using the bottles you have paid for?

ECO.3 have developed a unique, award winning refill sachet system. Instead of shipping 800 grams (the bottle, contents and trigger spray), each refill sachet weighs just 60 grams, which means that for each bottle refilled, not only are you reducing plastic waste; reducing recycling; reducing incineration; you are also reducing CO2 emissions due to transport by up to 93%.

By using ECO.3 Refill Sachets you are making a massive contribution toward the sustainability of our planet.

Let’s make the change and save money, protect the health of our families and pets and keep our world healthy and plastic free.

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