Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend campaign

Dear Customer

Now that you have had time to try out ECO.3 products, we hope you like them.

The question is, do you think your family and friends would also like to use them?

If you think they would, then why not refer ECO.3 products to your friends and family?

If they purchase from our store we shall reward you with £1.00 for every referral.

Refer 20 and we will reward you with £25.00

The more people you refer, the more you earn. 50 new referrals = £100.00 to you

Here’s how it works

 OZO has created a unique ‘Referral URL’ link for you to share, visible when you login or go to your account page. See below…


Use this ‘Referral URL’ link to refer people to the ECO.3 Premier Club website

You can copy/paste this onto an email or message to share with all your family and friends.

Every time someone new comes to our site through your ‘Referral URL’ link and makes a purchase, you will be rewarded with a coupon worth £1.00 OFF your next purchase. The more you refer the more £1.00 vouchers you will receive. 

This will be recorded on your account and we will send you notification. When you reach 20 successful referrals we will award you £25.00 and when you get to 50 referrals you will earn £100.00

Simple as that.

Use your voucher towards the purchase of any product or gift voucher you wish. You can even add and use your £1.00 vouchers together to purchase any item in our store.

So, what are you waiting for?

Refer a Friend or Family member to ECO.3 and receive your rewards from OZO.

Best wishes

on behalf of the ECO.3 TEAM