Window Single Refill Sachet

free gb delivery … go green and clinically clean

ECO.3 would love you to try our Window/Glass Cleaner and what better way to become GREEN and CLINICALLY CLEAN than to purchase a Window Single Refill Sachet, with FREE GB DELIVERY.

When your original trigger bottle is empty, rather than throwing it away we encourage you to save on plastic waste and give it a good rinse out then fill it with 700ml of clean tap water. Add the contents of the concentrated natural plant-based formula from the recyclable sachet, a quick shake to mix and neutralise the tap water and off you go.

ECO.3 Window Cleaner, with its scent-free, vinegar-free formula, is not only environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe for your pets and skin but will leave your surface sparklingly clean and streak-free. It can be used safely on all glass, marble and granite surfaces.  Remove all soiling with a window glove.

So GO GREEN and CLINICALLY CLEAN and keep your home free of germs and your glass sparklingly clean

FOR ONLY £2.99 with FREE delivery, we will deliver this sachet to your door.

You’ve tried the rest, now try the best according to ‘The Good Shopping Guide’

ECO.3 always recommend using our MicroFlex Window Glove to produce the best cleaning results with this product.


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