MicroFlex Stainless Cloth

The ECO.3 MicroFlex Stainless Cloth is a  new concept cloth specifically designed to be ultra effective on aluminium and stainless steel. Leaving no residue on the surface, the Stainless cloth brings the ‘stainless’ back into the steel.

Can be washed up to 1000 times and still perform as good as new. Wash without conditioner.

This is like no other microfibre you’ve ever used…gives amazing results every time and guaranteed to leave your surface clinically clean. Used in conjunction with our negatively-charged ECO.3 cleaning liquid, such as our ECO.3 Kitchen Cleaner, this cloth will produce excellent results every time.

The Super-positive energy of the ECO.3 MicroFlex Stainless Cloth lifts the negative dirt and soiling leaving the surface clinically clean.