MicroFlex Heavy Duty Cloth

The ECO.3 MicroFlex Heavy Duty Cloth is specifically designed to be used with all ECO.3 Cleaning products as part of the ECO.3 System. This heavy duty cloth can be used dry, wet or impregnated and is super-charged with positive ions to lift dirt and soiling with ease.

The heavy gram-weight and its size provide a high absorbency capacity and excellent durability. Large size for more comfortable handling. The MicroFlex Heavy Duty Cloth is guaranteed to perform up to 1000 washes. This makes it one of the most economic, quality microfibres on the market today.

We recommend using this cloth with one of our ECO.3 Cleaning products such as our Bathroom Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Cleaner or Auto Wash.

Our  ECO.3 MicroFlex Heavy Duty Cloth is sold individually. Colour as shown varies depending on stock.