MicroFlex Evolution Cloth

The ECO.3 MicroFlex Evolution Cloth is without doubt one of the best cleaning cloths on the market today. It is guaranteed to withstand up to 1000 washes. Designed to specifically work with our ECO.3 Cleaner as part of the total ECO.3 System, the MicroFlex Evolution attracts all negative soiling and removes it with ease.

The super-positive charge within the construction of the cloth attracts the soiling and residue of the liquid. It rapidly removes all, leaving the surface both clean and dry.

Exceptional quality multi-use single wipe which can be used on any surface type. Size and weight specially designed for health departments to avoid heavy repetitive strain injuries. Use: dry, damp or pre-impregnated with any ECO.3 Cleaning product such as our ECO.3 Bathroom Cleaner.