MicroFlex EMR Cloth

ECO.3 MicroFlex EMR Cloth is without doubt one of the most popular and effective Microfibre cloths on the market.

The ECO.3 MicroFlex EMR Cloth can be used both wet and dry equally effectively. It is two cloths in one. One side for non-scratch agitation and the other smooth for drying and dusting.

Not all microfibre cloths are the same. The super-positive, multi-task, totally absorbent, non-scratch EMR Cloth is the cloth you cannot do without. Try it for yourself and see the difference.We recommend using this cloth with one of our ECO.3 Cleaning products such as our Bathroom CleanerKitchen CleanerMulti-Purpose Cleaner or Auto Wash.

1000 wash cycles in your laundry system with no loss of quality