Marine Wash 1L Concentrate

Washing a boat has never been easier or more effective. ECO.3 Marine Wash 1L Concentrate is a laboratory proven, environmentally friendly cleaner for every marine surface, inside and out. Brush it. Mop it. Foam it. However you use it, your boat will be cleaner with Marine Wash.

This 1 litre ocean-safe concentrate can be diluted to make up 100 litres of powerful Marine shampoo. Quick drying and leaves no streaks. Eco.3 Marine Wash, due to its micelle non-toxic, eco-responsible formulation, cleans deeper than more traditional toxic cleaners. This leaves the surface of the hull free of positive charge, compared with more traditional cleaners that leave a charge that attracts dirt more easily. Less Dirt = Less Drag = Better Sailing. If using by hand we recommend using our MicroFlex Micro-Speed Mitt for a more efficient clean.