ECOMIST “FRESH” Allergen-Free Scented Room Spray

ECOMIST “FRESH” Allergen-Free, scented Room Spray has been specifically formulated to be safe for all allergen sufferers, Asthmatics and all animals.

Using our unique non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, water-based scent, we have created a long lasting room spray that scents your room with our popular ECO.3 “FRESH” scent. Most importantly it does not use an aerosol to deliver the mist.

ECO.3 ECOMIST is dispensed by a unique air vacuum system built into the reusable trigger. Following our Company policy to reduce our carbon footprint, cut down on plastic waste and to make our environment a cleaner place to live, ECO.3 ECOMIST has designed the system to re-use the trigger and purchase a refill next time.

To purchase the refill go to ECOMIST REFILL  or to purchase an ECOMIST and a REFILL together go to ECOMIST PACK for an extra discount.

ECO.3 products are Vegan friendly and have been placed as the No.1 Ethical Cleaning Brand on the GOOD SHOPPING GUIDE 


Additional information

Additional information

THIS IS NOT AN AEROSOL. Dispensed using our modern recyclable airbag dispenser, ECOMIST sprays out the non-allergenic, non-carcinogenic air freshener without the need to use any chemical propellant.
Once its empty, simply replace the liquid bottle, screw on the dispenser and you are good to go.
If you wish please save your empty bottles and return them to us for recycling.