ECO.3 Multi-Purpose Cleaner 750ml

ECO.3 Multi-Purpose cleaner 750ml is an Eco Responsible multi-purpose cleaner for all water tolerant surfaces. Used for thousands of cleaning tasks, and some we have not thought about, its powerful cleaning action leaves each surface clinically clean-guaranteed.

In combination with our Microflex Microfibre cloths, such as our Microflex EMR Cloth,  there is no other cleaning system so effective and has Eco Responsible Certification. It is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-allergenic, child safe, pet safe, surface safe and above all environmentally safe.

All our Trigger Sprays come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE

ECO.3 products are Vegan friendly and have been placed as the No.1 Ethical Cleaning Brand on the GOOD SHOPPING GUIDE 

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Pet Safe
Child Safe
Suitable for all water tolerant surfaces
Registered by the Vegan Society