ECO.3 Multi Pack of 36 REFILLS


ECO.3 Multi Pack contains 36 of our ECO.3 Kitchen, Bathroom and Window cleaner concentrate.

These 36 Award Winning ECO-Refill sachets make up a massive 27 litres of finished product. So, instead of shipping 27Kg of weight around the country, ECO.3 customers are shipped just 2Kg of product.  A saving of 25Kg of weight which reduces fuel usage and CO2 emissions by a massive 92%.

Making up 36 x 750ml bottles, you will never run out of cleaning product that’s not only effective but eco-responsible, non-toxic, allergen-free and above all child and pet safe. Your Multi Pack comes supplied in 3 slim, easily stored boxes that can be placed under your sink.

ECO.3 products are Vegan friendly and have been placed as the No.1 Ethical Cleaning Brand on the GOOD SHOPPING GUIDE 


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RRP: £48.33
Price: £11.98

Additional information

Additional Information

Enjoy for a whole year our ECO-responsible and non-toxic cleaner at an amazing price. Compare what you’d spend in a year on traditional cleaning products to our ECO.3 concentrate and you’ll notice the difference in your pocket, not to mention all the ECO benefits it comes with!
You can clean your home for less than £1 per week – now that’s saving money!
Simply fill a bottle of our trigger spray bottles to the ‘FILL LINE’ with 700ml of water (5º-35ºC) and empty the contents of a sachet in it and away you clean.
*The Multi Pack years supply contains 12 x Bathroom Refills, 12 x Kitchen Refills and 12 x Window Refills, for our Eco.3 refillable 750ml bottles, all for a fraction of the cost you would pay for a similar quality product in the supermarket.
All our sachets are recyclable and are delivered in a slimline box that can be stored easily. All three boxes are easily identifiable and the sachets are extremely easy to use.
For all year round hygiene, keep your surfaces clinically clean with our natural-based, animal free, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-allergenic, home and pet safe products. ECO.3 Doesn’t cost the Earth.
Clients on a tight budget in the UK are given the opportunity to purchase these each month by ordering our monthly pack.

If you are a Fundraiser do not forget to register your Charity. Send a message via our contact page and we will send you the appropriate forms to register your Charity.


Less CO2
Reduce Landfill
Use Less Water
Child Safe
Pet Safe