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We’re in the Monkey House…New Technology brings Innovative Solutions

That’s the case in point at Paphos Zoo where Ioulios Christoforou, the Paphos Zoo manager, was introduced to ECO.3 products. Initially we discussed the cleaning efficiency of the ECO.3 Multi-Purpose Cleaner for the general cleaning requirements of the zoo. The odourless, eco responsible and biodegradable cleaner was the perfect choice for protecting the precious animals from allergic reactions and illnesses caused by the strong chemicals found in other cleaners.

The biggest surprise for the staff at the zoo, was the cleaning results they achieved. Minimum effort-Maximum results obtained.

Our Eco3, Multi-Purpose Cleaner was used in a demonstration at the Cyprus Zoo to try to make the cleaning of stainless steel feeding dishes a great deal quicker. In the past staff had to scrub each dish by hand and use a scouring pad to remove the soiling left behind. This job took two members of staff 4 hours each day.

Everyone present, including the owner of the zoo Mr Christos Christoforou, were amazed when the dishes having been immersed in our ECO.3 system, environmentally friendly, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, diluted 1 part solution to 20 parts water, for less than 5 minutes came out in pristine condition. After rinsing these off with clean water they were ready for use.

All the Animals at the Zoo will now benefit from a cleaner more eco responsible environment.

New Technology Brings Innovative Solutions | Eco 3 Premier Club

Following the success of the introduction of the ECO.3 Multi-Purpose cleaning product, we introduced the ECO.3 range of glass products. All the glass cages of the monkey house were cleaned with ECO.3 Window and Glass Cleaner and then prepared using ECO.3 Glass Polish. The final stage was coating with ECO.3 Glass Seal which ensures the surface is easily cleaned. Daily cleaning was then conducted with the ECO.3 Window and Glass Cleaner, which is probably the best glass cleaner on the market!

Minimum cleaning times required and maximum visitor satisfaction. It was almost like no glass was there…ECO.3 Glass products passed the monkey house trial.

The next stage of the impressive ECO.3 program was to test our unique ECO.3 Stone Coat. The concrete floor of the parrot enclosure was coated with this Stone Coat which re-engineers the concrete surface making it much easier to clean away the guano and significantly increases the parrot’s hygiene levels. The nano-structure of the coating actually inhibits guano, food residue and detritus from penetrating into the concrete structure and as a result restricts bacterial growth deep under the surface of the concrete.  Following the success of this trial, Paphos Zoo has indicated that more cages will be coated over the next few months.

New Technology Brings Innovative Solutions | Eco 3 Premier Club

The next stage according to Mr Christoforou will be the Penguin House. Apparently, penguins produce some of the most acidic droppings in the animal kingdom which causes expensive damage to the floor surface. Without doubt, the Penguin House will test our ECO.3 Stone Coat to the limit.