Help spread the word

Help Spread the Word

WE WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD (but we need your help to do it….)

When ECO.3 was born, we set out to develop the safest possible products with the best performance – even when tested against some of the most nasty, toxic products in existence.

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Our ECO.3 products are registered with The Vegan Society and have recently topped the charts as the NO.1 Ethical Cleaning Product (read more)

Like many other small family-operated businesses, we have developed fantastic products which largely remain the world’s best kept secret simply because we simply don’t have the funds to compete in the multi-million advertising world of the Corporate Giants.

This is why we need your help on social media. We don’t need you to buy anything (although that would be great, and we would really appreciate it) but simply help us spread the word that ECO.3 is around and working to rid our homes of cleaning products that cause cancers, respiratory illness and skin diseases.

Please take a few moments and ‘LIKE’ our post. We’d really appreciate it if you could ‘SHARE’ our post with all your friends and perhaps their friends as well. People tell us that Social Media can really work to help people know what’s out there, so they have an informed choice. Maybe they’re right?

Maybe with your help to spread the word we can make a difference together and get rid of single purchase plastics, toxic, caustic and carcinogenic products and make our homes safer and healthier places to live.


If you do wish to purchase fantastic products from our online shop we would like to give you a small gift of a 20% discount voucher code.

Your code is :   THANKS2U

Please insert this code in the Coupon Code box on the checkout page.