Earth Friendly Cleaning, New eco products, earth friendly cleaning

Earth Friendly Cleaning Solutions That You Need to Consider

Back in the 1950s, housework was a full-time job taking over 41 hours a week. Today, we spend an average of 17 hours a week on household chores thanks to the introduction of modern technology like vacuum cleaners and dishwashers. But these machines came at a price, as toxic cleaning products designed to complement them were introduced to our homes. While technology reduced the burden of housework, chemical products increased the toxic burden on our bodies and the planet.As technology improves, there are more earth friendly cleaning solutions available than ever before. This article explores the benefits and shortfalls of new cleaning technology and gives you a way to clean your home while protecting your health and the health of our planet.

Chemical-Free Steam Cleaning

As part of the twenty-first century’s eco-awakening, the steam mop was born. Using a steam cleaner to cleanse your home removes the need for chemicals. By heating water to generate steam, you can sanitise surfaces and eliminate causes of allergies and asthma such as dust mites, germs, mould and fungus.

Because the steam evaporates quickly, surfaces dry faster and don’t leave any chemical residues. Steam also dissolves tough substances like glue and chewing gum that stick to surfaces and materials in your home.

Earth Friendly Cleaning, New eco products, earth friendly cleaning

A Risky Solution with More Work

The major drawback of steam cleaners is the risk of burns. If you have children around, using a steam cleaner isn’t the safest option. And, while steam cleaners can be used on many surfaces, they aren’t suitable for all. If you’ve got laminate flooring in your home, avoid steam cleaning or risk warping your floor.

What’s more surprising, is that steam cleaned surfaces aren’t exactly, well, clean. That’s because the steam only loosens the dirt and doesn’t remove it. Which means you’ll need to wipe the area with a cloth afterwards doubling the work and taking you right back to 1950. While steam cleaners are good for some jobs, there’s still a need for cleaning by hand.

Wash Your Clothes with Beads

We’ve all heard about washing machine balls. You put them in your machine and they clean your clothes without the need for detergent. Except the scientific jury’s still out on their effectiveness. However, washing machine innovation has resulted in a new take on cleaning clothes which uses polymer beads that attract and store dirt.

These new tubs make clothes cleaner than ordinary washing machines and use 80% less water and up to 50% less detergent. They also work effectively at lower temperatures saving up to 50% on energy consumption. And, because cooler water is used, clothes stay brighter for longer and need replacing less often.

The beads remain in the machine’s sump and are reused until they need replacing. At which point they’re collected and sold on to be reused in other manufacturing processes. Now, that’s earth friendly cleaning.

Earth Friendly Cleaning, New eco products, earth friendly cleaning

Not Available Just Yet

There’s just one problem. These washing machines are only available commercially and aren’t likely to be in the shops any time soon. And, as with most new technology, you can bet the price will be out of reach for families on a budget.

Environment and Budget Friendly Cleaning Products

If these modern cleaning solutions don’t offer what you need, it’s time to look for some new eco products that are effective, affordable and available. Like Eco.3’s pet and child safe bathroom, kitchen, glass and multi-purpose cleaners. For the same price as your current products, they use a dynamic micelle formulated liquid to cut through grease and grime and repel dirt. Which makes it easy to wipe away and leaves less residue on the surface. And, unlike your current cleaners, they’re non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and skin, food and water safe.

If everyone changed to Eco-Responsible cleaning products this small change could add up to a whole world of difference.