How to Clean Just About Anything with ECO.3

A healthy home is a clean home. Regardless of how vigilant and consistent you are with cloth, mop and your trusty spray dirt, dust, grime and stains can just seem to materialise on every surface, fixture and fitting.

To tackle this reoccurring frustration, every homeowner needs to be equipped with a collection of cleaning products. The question of how to clean your home effectively is answered quite simply by having the right products to handle the job – and, on occasion, some elbow grease.

ECO.3’s range of non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, natural eco-friendly cleaning products are perfect for every area of the home. Our sustainable cleaning solutions contain natural plant-based ingredients and are 100% free of harmful chemicals that pollute waterways the instant they’re flushed down the sink or toilet, not to mention playing havoc with our bodies, and destroying the natural environment.

Here’s a look at just five of ECO.3’s products that will change the way that you clean your home – forever!

e-Screen Protector Kit

Screens are a magnet for dust and dirt. You’re not alone wondering how to clean your Touchscreens, LED and TFT monitors. Wiping the screen with a cloth will remove surface dust and the odd dirty fingerprint, but that hardly means that you’ve banished every particle of dust and dirt from the surface.

Our e-Screen Protector Kit combines meticulous cleaning with an invisible protective layer coating the surface. This innovative care product minimises fingerprint staining for days and repels dust and dirt from the screen surface, providing you with optimal visibility.

Perfect for tablets, smartphone and laptops, the e-Screen Protector Kit allows fingers to glide across the touchscreen surface with ease, allowing for optimal functionality.

Some LED screen cleaners have can leave residue on your screens, or in some cases, even damage the screen, forever compromising your enjoyment. Using innovative, multi-phase fluids, consisting of dynamic molecular structures, ECO.3’s e-Screen Protector Kit removes dirt and dust effectively by providing a barrier layer between the dirt the surface of the screen.

Every ingredient of the e-Screen Protector Kit is safe, biodegradable, solvent-free and has been proven in the cosmetics industry for decades.

Microflex Micro-Speed Mitt

Quality and versatile eco cleaning products, our ECO.3 Microflex Micro-Speed Mitt is designed to manage almost any cleaning task.

Able to be used on surfaces as diverse as outdoor patio furniture and indoor household surfaces, these high-performance mitts are ideal for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, before taking them outside and scrubbing the furniture clean.

Use our ECO.3 cleaning fluid in combination with the Microflex Micro-Speed Mitts for glistening finish. Each mitt is colour coded to prevent cross-contamination, and can be washed 1000 times – meaning that you’ll never have to throw them away.

Forget buying bulk loads of cleaning mitts for each area of your home. Our Microflex Micro-Speed Mitts, hands down beat the competition!

Microflex Micro-Speed Mitt

Ultraclean Oven and BBQ Cleaner

The start of the summer season is the start of barbecue season! We all fancy ourselves handy with a set of tongs in our hands, but before the grilling can commence, the question is how to clean a barbecue that’s spent the winter in the garden shed?

Ultraclean Oven and Barbecue Cleaner is an environmentally-friendly cleaner that’s been specifically-designed for cleaning outdoor barbecues and grills, removing the burnt remnants of last summer’s barbecues and dirt accumulated after a summer in storage.

Using Nano-smart technology, Ultraclean reaches below the surface, leaving grills gleaming. It’s non-toxic, environmentally-friendly ingredients mean that you also don’t have to worry about ingesting harmful substances when you take a bite of a delicious burger on a hot summer’s afternoon either!

Ultraclean Oven and BBQ Cleaner

Stainless Steel Polish

Eco3 Stainless Steel Polish will add that extra special sheen to your stainless steel. A deep, penetrating polish that nourishes the steel and adds a protective layer to the surface, there is simply no better product to remove unsightly stains.

Easy to use, and with all natural ingredients, our Eco3 Stainless Steel should be a cupboard staple – and will prove invaluable when your preparing for that dinner party in the hopes of becoming the toast of the season.

Stainless Steel Polish

Auto Insect Remover 500ML

As any car owner will tell you, avoiding getting bugs and flies on your windshield is pretty much impossible – and the wipers aren’t much use either!

ECO.3 Auto Insect Remover when you need to know how to clean your windshield. This innovative insect remover features a negatively-charged formula combined with negative soiling to produce a super-negative charged residue that penetrates the windshield and makes it a doddle to remove unsightly windshield bugs, without leaving behind any residue.

The spray contains no abrasive chemicals, and once the surface is cleaned it remains in a negative charge that helps repel further soiling. Beats soapy water hands down!

Auto Insect Remover 500ML

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