Cats Vs. Dogs? Why Pet Safe Cleaning Products Gets You A BONEus!!

Felix and Fido don’t ask much of you. All they need is a warm place to sleep, for their bowls to be filled, shelter when the rain is beating down and the occasional walk in the fresh, country air. In return, you’ll have a friend for life.

What is important for all pet owners is that they repay the affection, companionship and loyalty their pets shown them every day with a safe home environment.

Typical household cleaners contain a wealth of chemicals that are harmful to your pet’s health. But, there is a solution whereby you can keep Fido and Felix happy and enjoy a squeaky-clean home – pet safe cleaning products.

What Harms Your Pet’s Health?

A mere glance at the ingredients of any household cleaning product and you’ll find a list of chemicals and substances that are harmful to your pets – and you too!

Glycol Ethers, commonly-found in a wealth of household cleaning products, including carpet cleaners, have been linked to lung and kidney damage and anaemia. Not just in pets either, Glycol Ethers have been proven to have negative effects on our health too.

Formaldehyde, used in shampoos and soaps, is carcinogenic and can exacerbate symptoms of asthma. New and unwashed bedding is also known to contain quantities of formaldehyde which can be particularly damaging to pet health.

Using animal-friendly cleaning products is the only way to ensure that Fido and Felix’s health is not adversely effected when you clean any area of the home. From the kitchen to the living area, and of course, your pet’s bedding and toys, ECO.3’s collection of non-carcinogenic and non-toxic products are simply the best choice for homes with paw prints.

Why ECO.3 Products are the Top Selling Pet Care Products on the Market

ECO.3’s pet safe cleaning products contain only natural plant-based ingredients. Gone are any harmful chemicals with vapours that have a detrimental effect on your pet’s health. All is left are healthy, natural cleaning products.

Change your pets’ lifestyle today and pick up one of ECO.3’s Introductory packs. The trigger sprays feature natural plant-based ingredients, combined with less than 0.05% anionic surfactants. Enjoy pet-friendly cleaning products with no toxicity, no VOC’s, and can be directly disposed of down the drain.

Not only are ECO.3’s products vegan-friendly, they contain zero animal-derived ingredients. We don’t believe in animal testing. Not one of our cleaning products is tested on animals.

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You’ll never need to visit a pet store ever again. Choose from perfect dog-friendly cleaning products, that are less expensive than leading brands and tougher on stains!

Alternatively, our safer, healthier and less expensive cat safe cleaning products refills reduce your carbon footprint – and they’re not too bad at making surfaces sparkle either!

Something for Every Part of the Home

Our pet safe cleaning products are perfect for any area in the home. If Felix frantically paws at the window at the first drop of rain leaving an unsightly dirty residue, don’t reach under the sink for any old cleaner, choose the Eco.3 window cleaner.

ECO.3’s Eco-Responsible glass cleaner, is perfect for all types of glass surfaces and has a powerful cleaning action that leaves glass crystal clear without leaving any streaks.

If Fido has enthusiastically returned from a run around in the park, chasing birds and fetching sticks and then trudged muddy pawprints through the kitchen, the 750ml Eco.3 Multi-Purpose Cleaner is just what you need. When used with the unique Microflex Microfibre, there’s no better cleaning system.

To find out more about ECO.3 or place your order, come and visit us online TODAY. One of our friendly customer support staff is ready to answer any questions you have. All you need to do is to click the link here.