W.H.O Formulation Hand Sanitizers

Our new Hand Sanitizer range really is cost effective.

Re-use the Green pen dispenser and Twist Top and refill from the bulk 5 Litre. The cost reductions are huge – so that the whole family can carry a personal sanitizer and top up when necessary.

No waste, no mess, no environmental impact and saving you money.

That’s ECO3!

Refillable Pen Sanitizer £0.53 to refill.
Twist Top Hand Sanitizer. Costs £2.39 to refill

We were asked by many clients for hand sanitizers that were not only effective but did not cost the earth.

Needless to say we got to work straight away and are now pleased to announce our new range of refillable sanitizers.


Take a look at these and all our other products in our online shop at www.eco3premierclub.com/shop and get them delivered to your door

So what makes us Different

So what makes us different?

Many of our enquirers ask the question ‘So what makes us different than all the others on the market?’

Within this all-encompassing question lays several points that I hope this post will address and answer.

Firstly we must ask ourselves what we mean by ‘different’.

Do we mean the difference between our Company and our rivals in terms of annual turnover, numbers of people employed etc. or are we referring to the products, the way they are advertised, where they are sold, cost? The list, as you can see, can be endless.

So, in order to attempt to answer the question with clarity, I will highlight the 7 most popular questions we have received from our enquirers.

  1. Does ECO.3 clean better than its rivals?
  2. Does ECO.3 cost less than your rivals?
  3. Is ECO.3 more eco-responsible than your rivals?
  4. Does ECO.3 have less environmental impact than your rivals?
  5. Does ECO.3 have any independent analysis to prove your claims?
  6. What ingredients are in your product that makes it safer to use than your rivals?
  7. What factors makes your Company more eco-responsible and ethical than your rivals?

Does ECO.3 product clean better than its rivals?

Yes in short. The answer to this question can only be answered by scientific measurement.

We took the three most popular, by sales, rivals to our products and scientifically measured the ability to remove soiling from the surface.

ECO.3 was the only product that left the surface clinically clean when following the manufacturers instructions. Not only satisfied by the scientific evidence, we asked a sample of the public to visually choose what product they believed left the surface ‘cleaner’.

On our test with all labels removed, of the 200 members of the public, 184 believed that bottle B left the surface cleaner. Bottle B was ECO.3 .

Does ECO.3 product cost less than your rivals?

ECO.3 is the least most expensive of all the eco-friendly products we found online on 10th January 2019.

Is ECO.3 more eco-responsible than your rivals?

ECO.3 is the only cleaning brand that has Eco Responsible Certification. The products do not contain any toxic ingredients, they are non-carcinogenic, they are bio-degradable and do not harm any plant or animal when disposed. They are safe to be poured into a septic tank.

Does ECO.3 have less environmental impact than your rivals?

An extensive study of all cleaning brands on the market by the Good Shopping Guide rated ECO.3 for the second year running as the most ethical cleaning brand overall. Part of this assessment took into consideration the environmental impact products had and rated ECO.3 as the best in this category.

Take a look at the independent scores from the Good Shopping Guide here.

Does your product have any independent analysis to prove your claims?

As mentioned above readers would not simply take our word for the claims we make and we have been extremely enthusiastic and transparent with independent organisations who have analysed and scrutinised our products and procedures. To this end, not only have we been rated the No.1 Ethical Cleaning Brand by the Good Shopping Guide and our cleaning products are registered by the International Vegan Society.

So what makes us different? ECO.3 are the only Cleaning Company to attain the Eco Responsible Certification on all our products and for the Company as a whole. Our products have been scientifically tested by several Internationally renowned laboratories including Campden BRI in the UK and SMI in the USA.

What ingredients are in your product that makes it safer to use than your rivals?

All of our ingredients are of the highest quality and our formulations are designed to be highly effective, while always being safe to use around pets and children.

Free of the following harsh chemicals: ammonia, bleach, dyes, formaldehyde, parabens, & phthalates

Pet-Safe and Child-Safe: Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and allergen-free

100% Cruelty-free: Our products are NEVER tested on animals neither do we use any animal based ingredients. 

Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous: We do not use any ingredients that cause chemical hazards

Free of V.O.C’s: We do not produce toxic vapours which affect the respiratory system.

Our fragrance: Our fragrance is always cosmetic grade and free from phthalates and parabens and is allergen free.

It is not for us to give away our trade secrets, however we are extremely sincere to say that our products do not require any hazardous labelling of any kind as all products used are well below any limit of concern. If any client has a specific and unusual allergy to any natural ingredient we would be happy to advise.

What factors makes your Company more eco-responsible and ethical than your rivals?

We are working towards making everyone’s home a safer and more eco-responsible environment by introducing eco-responsible products that are allergen-free, non-carcinogenic, effective in performance, do not use animal derived ingredients and represent excellent value for money. We have eliminated the need to throw away your plastic trigger bottle by introducing easy to use eco refill sachets saving 93% CO2 emissions. Our products are safe to pour down the drain or into a septic tank as they are non-toxic to human and animal life.

Our trading, employment and environmental policies are independently rated and verified as not being rivalled by any other Company in our sector.

ECO.3 have teamed up with Breast Cancer UK to help make people aware of the harmful use of hazardous household chemicals and their link to Cancer.

ECO.3 Cleaning products have been independently placed as the No.1 products on the Good Shopping Guide.


So what makes us different? ECO.3 do not have the massive marketing budget of our rivals to shout as loud as them about all the positives of our products nor do we keep all the profit of the sales we do get to ourselves. Our popular CCP program, whereby our clients can elect a charity to donate, enables us to give up to 20% of the total cost of our products to the elected charity.

We manufacture effective and economical non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and allergen-free cleaning products that don’t cost the Earth. The ECO.3 system eliminates single-use plastic trigger bottles saving plastic waste and cuts 93% of CO2 emissions during transportation. We do not use any hazardous chemicals nor any animal derived ingredients. Our products are safe for the environment, safe for you, your family and pets.

If you would like to know more about ECO.3 and receive our special offers and news please fill in the following.

Car Treatments using ECO.3

How do we treat our Cars the ECO.3 Eco-Responsible way.

Car Treatments using ECO.3 Auto products.

For many of us, our cars are like our babies. We tend to buy all the best creams lotions and potions to make them look their best.

But do we ever stop to think what we are doing to the paintwork and the environmental impact we are having by choosing products that are a great deal more harmful than they need to be.

In the next few paragraphs we will show you a way to give your car the best makeover its ever had while using products that are so kind to you, the applicator, and mother nature.

From this

To this


Firstly, spray the car with water to remove any surface dirt.

Mix 1 part ECO.3 Auto Wash into 9 parts water and using a regular sponge wash the whole car. Rinse off well with clean water.


Much Micro-scratching and oxidation through time results in your car looking dull and out of condition. Reenergize it with Surface Protect Cut /Auto Body cutting Paste This powerful Quartz product cuts into the paintwork, lifting all the dirt and grime out of the paint and removes all the oxidation leaving your car looking like its just had a respray, with little effort. Yes its true to say that there is some work to be done to master the application, however, if you don’t have the time then you can always use our more DIY type product the Auto Shine which is indeed a spray on –wipe off product taking little skill and little time to produce an excellent result.

How to apply Surface Protect Cut / Auto Body Cutting Paste

Apply the product directly onto a buffing pad and dab the pad onto the surface to be treated in several different places within a small area

Damp the surface with a spray of water then begin to buff. Check the surface after every pass to ensure you are not burning into the paintwork.

Keep the surface damp at all times. Continue to pass evenly over the surface until you have reached the desired amount of buffing.

Wash off the excess residue with clean water then polish the surface to a desired finish.

Once you have achieved this quality finish you can then seal it with Surface Protect Coat / Auto Guard

then this 


Surface Protect Coat – Auto Guard is a clear finishing polish that is applied by a cotton cloth using circular polishing movements evenly over the whole surface. Allow it to set onto the surface then polish it up by hand after a curing time of 30 minutes. This coating will last approximately 2 years.

Each year we recommend you refresh your auto paintwork with our Surface Protect All-in-One product.


Surface Protect All-in-One is a polishing and coating product in one. Clearly it does not cut so deeply, not penetrating the surface so much but enough to remove the dirt in the Surface Protect Coat. It allows you to buff up your car back to its original leaving a semi-permanent coating on the surface to protect it for another year.


Auto Shine / Spray & Shine

If time is a huge problem then we have developed a product that leaves your car fully protected from the elements simply by spraying it onto your car and wiping it off…YES that simple. Your car will look absolutely WAW using Spray & Shine / Auto Shine with the rain just jumping off it for at least 6-8 weeks. You simply just do it again and again. The great beauty of this product is that you can even apply it when the surface is wet and it produces the same professional results. Our Auto Shine does exactly what it says.


Auto View

Another great product from the ECO.3 range is our Auto View, like our Auto Shine this too can be applied whether the surface is dry or wet. Auto view allows the rain ice and snow to simply fall off the screen providing clearer visability thus safer driving conditions. Again this is a simple spray on- wipe off application. Yet the results are amazing.


Auto Shine and Auto View are the perfect DIY gift for any motorist while our Auto  Cutting Paste, Auto Guard and the All-in-One products are more suited for those who are happy to spend a little more time and effort to produce a remarkable showroom finish..

Whatever Car Treatment Applications you choose from ECO.3 you are assured to get the best possible results.

Earth Overshoot Day Has Arrived

Credit: For full article on ITV website please click here

Earth Overshoot Day: How we have used up the world’s natural resources for the year

Earth Overshoot Day: How we have used up the world’s natural resources for the year.
Earth Overshoot Day August 1: How we have used up the world’s natural resources for the year. Credit: AP

The world has hit “Earth Overshoot Day” – the point at which we have used up all the resources the planet can provide for the year.

It comes four months earlier than it should and at the earliest point in the year that this unwanted landmark has ever been reached.

As a result, humanity is now using nature 1.7 times faster than the planet’s natural systems can cope with.

In the UK, the combination of people using too many resources and the levels of pollution are so high that it would take 2.9 Earths to sustain the world if everyone lived like Britons.

So what is Earth Overshoot Day?

Earth Overshoot Day marks the moment people have used up the food, timber and other natural products the Earth can sustainably provide. It has also absorbed as much carbon emissions as a result of human activity as it can, for the year.

Why is August 1 so important as Earth Overshoot Day?

This year the day has fallen on August 1, the earliest date since humans began overusing the planet’s natural resources in the 1970s, said the Global Footprint Network, which calculated the date.

The Global Footprint Network said on Twitter: “If we #MoveTheDate 5 days a year, Earth Overshoot Day will fall back to December 31 by 2050.”

The Global Footprint network published a picture showing how this year is the earliest date since humans began overusing the planet's natural resources.
The Global Footprint network published a picture showing how this year is the earliest date since humans began overusing the planet’s natural resources. Credit: @EndOvershoot/Twitter

What’s the worst that can happen now?

As a result of this overuse, fisheries are collapsing, freshwater is scarce, soils are being eroded and wildlife is vanishing, while the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is leading to climate change, more severe droughts, wildfires and hurricanes, the researchers said.

Meadows are dried out from drought as cows stand on a pasture in the Elbe meadows near Schoenebeck, Germany.
Meadows are dried out from drought as cows stand on a pasture in the Elbe meadows near Schoenebeck, Germany. Credit: AP

What have the Global Footprint Network said?

The Global Footprint Network warns: “Our economies are running a Ponzi scheme with our planet.”

The chief executive Mathis Wackernagel said: “As we mark Earth Overshoot Day, today may seem no different from yesterday – you still have the same food in your refrigerator.

“But fires are raging in the Western United States. On the other side of the world, residents in Cape Town have had to slash water consumption in half since 2015.

“These are the consequences of busting the ecological budget of our one and only planet.

Raging fires in California, Western United States.
Raging fires in California, Western United States. Credit: PA

Organisations like the WWF and UN Environment have also promoted #MoveTheDate on Twitter.

The UN Environment also said we must “consume and produce more responsibly.”

Today is #EarthOvershootDay ? The date when humanity’s demand for resources exceeds what Earth can produce. Make a pledge today to #MoveTheDate and reduce demand for resources – https://t.co/3LRkNKyl5h pic.twitter.com/SHNnB32gJZ


Earth Overshoot Day has arrived.

Humankind has already burned through the planet’s ecological resources & services that nature can regenerate in the entire year.

We must put a stop ? to this trend and consume & produce more responsibly to #MoveTheDate pic.twitter.com/hS0PVDuJya

The Global Footprint Network have called for action to tackle the overshoot and outlined areas with the most potential for pushing back the day the world goes into ecological debt.

These include reducing driving in cities, replacing car trips with public transport, walking and biking, cutting carbon from energy production, reducing food waste by half, making diets more sustainable, and reducing the number of children families have.

Single Use Plastic is Not Ethical


More and more scientific data is becoming available – not to mention the visible evidence strewn around our beaches and tidal estuary’s – that the world is awash with plastic that simply will not disappear or biodegrade.

Each time we take a trip to the supermarket we buy more and more, perhaps not thinking about the consequences of our actions. Society has perhaps taught us that we live in a consumer society, where we simply consume and discard at our whim. Society was wrong! The results of our headlong rush into consumerism has impacted our environment to such an extent that we are destroying some of our most beautiful and fragile environments.

Plastic waste dumped in our oceans is not acceptable, neither is the vast tonnage of plastic waste that is incinerated each year  which adds to our growing carbon emissions. What is needed is a change in our approach to consumerism and needless waste.

By listening to Jeff Bridges explaining how plastics are endangering our oceans, it is clear that in order to reduce our impact on our environment, we really need to stop purchasing single use plastic and think more long term. Because plastics are extremely useful and can last many years, ECO.3 have taken the view that we should champion the use of multiple use plastics, and offer a lifetime guarantee on their use. Our trigger sprays and bottles are all recyclable in the event that they become damaged in the future and they can be returned to us for recycling.

Further, instead of buying the same spray bottles and triggers each week simply to throw them away when empty actually costs you money. You are buying something for the contents alone and have no interest in the container although you are paying for it.

Why not consider just purchasing refills and re-using the bottles you have paid for?

ECO.3 have developed a unique, award winning refill sachet system. Instead of shipping 800 grams (the bottle, contents and trigger spray), each refill sachet weighs just 60 grams, which means that for each bottle refilled, not only are you reducing plastic waste; reducing recycling; reducing incineration; you are also reducing CO2 emissions due to transport by up to 93%.

By using ECO.3 Refill Sachets you are making a massive contribution toward the sustainability of our planet.

Let’s make the change and save money, protect the health of our families and pets and keep our world healthy and plastic free.

Take a look in our online shop and see how much  you can save with ECO.3 – the Worlds No.1 Ethical Cleaning Products


Help spread the word

Help Spread the Word

WE WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD (but we need your help to do it….)

When ECO.3 was born, we set out to develop the safest possible products with the best performance – even when tested against some of the most nasty, toxic products in existence.

marketing choice

Our ECO.3 products are registered with The Vegan Society and have recently topped the charts as the NO.1 Ethical Cleaning Product (read more)

Like many other small family-operated businesses, we have developed fantastic products which largely remain the world’s best kept secret simply because we simply don’t have the funds to compete in the multi-million advertising world of the Corporate Giants.

This is why we need your help on social media. We don’t need you to buy anything (although that would be great, and we would really appreciate it) but simply help us spread the word that ECO.3 is around and working to rid our homes of cleaning products that cause cancers, respiratory illness and skin diseases.

Please take a few moments and ‘LIKE’ our post. We’d really appreciate it if you could ‘SHARE’ our post with all your friends and perhaps their friends as well. People tell us that Social Media can really work to help people know what’s out there, so they have an informed choice. Maybe they’re right?

Maybe with your help to spread the word we can make a difference together and get rid of single purchase plastics, toxic, caustic and carcinogenic products and make our homes safer and healthier places to live.


If you do wish to purchase fantastic products from our online shop we would like to give you a small gift of a 20% discount voucher code.

Your code is :   THANKS2U

Please insert this code in the Coupon Code box on the checkout page.


Eco Packaging

Here at ECO.3 we are often asked why we use packing peanuts to deliver our product and if they are eco-responsible.
We use this Eco-Responsible Eco Packaging to ensure that the products are delivered to you in top condition. If there is an accident, then the Eco packaging would not only protect the product but if any leakage occurred, the Eco-Flow peanuts would absorb the spillage safely.
The Eco-Flo biodegradable peanuts we use are made of starch and are 100% biodegradable.
For you are interested, here is a link to the manufacturers specification leaflet.
ECO-Flo Biodegradable Peanuts Spec

If you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Regarding our Award-Winning SACHETS. The idea behind using refillable bottles and supplying recyclable sachets is to reduce the amount of plastic waste and to cut the CO2 used by a massive 93%. This is achieved because we do not transport the heavy water content normally supplied by other manufacturers. Simply re-use the trigger bottle by filling it up to the water line (700ml) then add the content of one sachet. This neutralises the water and with one shake turns the water into a powerful cleaner.




We are delighted to launch our very unique ECOMIST Non-Allergenic, aerosol-free ‘FRESH’ scented Room Spray.

Delivered by a re-usable air-pump trigger our product is probably the most ECO room spray on the market.


ECOMIST is family and pet friendly as well as designed to save our environment and CO2 emissions. The refill package can be returned to us to be safely recycled.

Not only is this Ethical, the non-carcinogenic, allergen-free “FRESH’ scent is water-based and does not harm any surface that is water tolerant. Its long lasting scent is dispensed without the need of alcohol or gas, cleaning the air as it flows through the room leaving a pleasant ‘FRESH’ perfume that has specifically been formulated to be non-allergenic.

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend campaign

Dear Customer

Now that you have had time to try out ECO.3 products, we hope you like them.

The question is, do you think your family and friends would also like to use them?

If you think they would, then why not refer ECO.3 products to your friends and family?

If they purchase from our store we shall reward you with £1.00 for every referral.

Refer 20 and we will reward you with £25.00

The more people you refer, the more you earn. 50 new referrals = £100.00 to you

Here’s how it works

 OZO has created a unique ‘Referral URL’ link for you to share, visible when you login or go to your account page. See below…


Use this ‘Referral URL’ link to refer people to the ECO.3 Premier Club website

You can copy/paste this onto an email or message to share with all your family and friends.

Every time someone new comes to our site through your ‘Referral URL’ link and makes a purchase, you will be rewarded with a coupon worth £1.00 OFF your next purchase. The more you refer the more £1.00 vouchers you will receive. 

This will be recorded on your account and we will send you notification. When you reach 20 successful referrals we will award you £25.00 and when you get to 50 referrals you will earn £100.00

Simple as that.

Use your voucher towards the purchase of any product or gift voucher you wish. You can even add and use your £1.00 vouchers together to purchase any item in our store.

So, what are you waiting for?

Refer a Friend or Family member to ECO.3 and receive your rewards from OZO.

Best wishes

on behalf of the ECO.3 TEAM



New research on ethical performance conducted by The Good Shopping Guide shows that ECO.3 products top the table. You can check out how all your favourite brands compare.


Introduction – Cleaning Products

Every year, the big detergent manufacturers come up with dozens of new ideas for keeping homes sparkling clean and free from bacteria, from germ-busting sprays to disposable mops. Ignore the hype and keep things simple: one multi-surface cleaner will suffice for nearly all household tasks, including kitchens and bathrooms alike. Cutting down the use of synthetic and petro-chemicals  in the home can in many cases be the first step towards reducing their impact on the environment.

Keyword-ResearchLook out for our new sector-specific Ethical Accreditation certification marks which now cover over 15 different consumer product sectors. These are additional to our original Ethical Company mark that features on the packaging of over 100 million consumer products every year.

Petroleum derivatives

Household cleaning products are formulated from a wide range of ingredients, and almost always contain surfactants (detergents) which help to remove dirt and grease and allow them to disperse in water. Natural surfactants can be derived from vegetable substances, but many big brands continue to use petroleum derivatives such as the much-criticised sodium lauryl sulphate.

Petroleum-based surfactants are derived from a non-renewable resource and often biodegrade more slowly and less completely than those produced from vegetables. During the degradation process, they can form compounds that are even more dangerous than the original chemicals themselves.

European countries, including the UK, have been discussing a strategy that would enforce people’s right to know about all the chemicals present in cleaning products. At the moment, manufacturers of household detergents can continue to use toxic or potentially toxic chemicals in their products.

Toxic chemicals policy

For the Washing-Up Liquid sector, we have introduced a new ethical criterion: ‘Toxic Chemicals Policy’ which assesses a company’s policy – or usage – of certain chemicals in their products. There is a lot of ‘chemophobia’ about synthetic chemicals, as well as a lot of misinformation about which are harmful and which are not. To be fair, a lot of the science is still catching up in this area. Some synthetic chemicals are listed as ‘controversial’, with evidence still lacking. Other synthetics that were once listed as ‘controversial’ and which were once promoted as a ‘hazardous’ have been found to not be harmful on the scale of human consumption. Finally, it is also true that some synthetics have been found to be harmful, to humans or the environment or both.

It is important to keep up with the latest science. Based on the opinion of various experts in this area (scientists, environmentalists, public health organisations, etc), we have specifically focused on the following chemicals which are considered to be most harmful to the environment and human health but are legally allowed for use in products: formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates and triclosan.


Formaldehyde can be found in cleaning (and beauty) products and is used as a preservative to help prevent bacteria growth.  Formaldehyde is a respiratory irritant that can cause chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing and nose and throat irritation.  It has been linked to an increased risk of asthma and allergies in children and is also recognised as a human carcinogen.


Parabens are widely used in cleaning (and beauty) products as preservatives – preventing the growth of bacteria, mold and yeast.  Some studies point towards parabens containing estrogen-mimicking properties, which are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.


Are used in numerous cleaning (and beauty) products, with the main benefit of increasing flexibility and softness and they are also used in synthetic fragrances.  Phalates are known to be an endocrine disruptor and have also been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive birth defects.


Triclosan, which can be found in cleaning (beauty and health) products, is used as an anti-bacterial/fungal chemical.  Triclosan is known to be an endocrine disruptor – especially thyroid and reproductive hormones and as a skin irritant.

Company group

The Toxic Chemicals Policy ratings are based on the policies of the Company Group – not the brand itself (this is because an ‘eco’ brand which excludes these chemicals, could be owned by a company still using these chemicals in other brands).  To find out about the methodology behind the ratings, see the Toxic Chemicals Policy information here.


Biodegradability and animal testing

A general claim of ‘biodegradable’ on the labels of many products is misleading, because all such products are biodegradable; the question is how readily the elements biodegrade. There is a big difference between products breaking down entirely in hours or days, rather than partially over months or years. Read the label carefully: terms such as ‘surface active agents’, ‘cleaning agents’, ‘soil suspending agents’, ‘grease cutters’ and ‘grease removers’ are often just clever names for petroleum-based surfactants.

Household cleaners

A regrettable side-effect of companies’ quest to find different products to do what is essentially the same job (cleaning a surface) has been an increase in animal testing. However, you can search the cruelty free website for a list of companies which carry their Leaping Bunny logo – a guarantee that a product is totally free of animal testing.

More and more cleaners are now being marketed as being ‘especially formulated’ for the bathroom or kitchen sink, when in reality there is very little difference between the cleaning requirements of the two areas.

Cutting down on bleach

Greater quantities of bleach and detergent are discharged directly into sewers from domestic premises than from the factories making them. Several types of bleach exist, all of which act by oxidising, and thus sterilising, organic matter. This powerful antibacterial effect has been seen to persist beyond the u-bend, undermining the bacterial action that helps break down sewage. For this reason bleach should be used in diluted form, if at all, and should never be poured neat down drains. Neither Ecover nor Bio-D produce household bleach, because they believe the action is unnecessarily powerful. Their toilet cleaners rely on acids which dislodge waste rather than sterilise it.

Another reason for not using bleach is the danger it poses to humans. When chlorine-based bleaches are mixed with ammonia they release dangerous chlorine gas. An estimated 6,000 infant and toddler accidents are attributed to household cleaners each year.

Water and packaging

The most common ingredient (up to 90 per cent) of general-purpose cleaners is water. When this excess water is transported, energy and packaging is wasted and more solid waste is created for our landfills. Concentrated products in smaller bottles are a better option.

Cleaning product bottles are usually made from plastic. Greenpeace urges individuals to make a conscious effort not to buy things in polyvinylchloride (PVC) containers. There is usually a symbol on the bottom of the bottle indicating the type of plastic: PVC is indicated by a ‘3’ in a recycling symbol. High and low density polyethylene (HDPE and LDPE), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and polyethylene tetraphthalate (PET) all have fewer environmental problems associated with their manufacture and disposal than PVC.

Why not avoid synthetic chemicals altogether with some old-fashioned remedies? Try white vinegar, baking soda, salt, lemon juice and olive oil as handy DIY ethical cleaners.

Ethical Comparison – Cleaners Rankings Detailed Table

No automatic alt text available.

The Vegan Society and ECO.3

Shop with ECO.3 and help to support The Vegan Society

ECO.3 are passionate about the environmental and charitable work they do. All products registered with The Vegan Society not only are free from animal ingredients nor are any animals used in testing, they are non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-carcinogenic and above all are a much healthier choice for the environment, your family and pets.

ECO.3 is produced in a way that makes these non-caustic formulations so powerful to leave your water-tolerant surface clinically clean yet so gentle not to require using any skin protection.

Unlike traditional cleaning chemicals, ECO.3 products use the natural power of positive and negative charge to remove the dirt and soiling and to keep surfaces cleaner for longer.

ECO.3 will make a donation to The Vegan Society of 20% of the purchase price on any order made, simply follow the instructions below. Buy online from the ECO.3 website.

To ensure The Vegan Society receives a charitable contribution from your purchase, please be sure to include the code CCPVS22 in the box when you checkout.


The Most & Least Ethical Brands – 2017 Edition

Most of us are now aware of our carbon footprint, but we should also know that we leave an ethical footprint every time we shop. There are ethical brands and, well, not-so-ethical brands. Depending on which brand you shop, each purchase can directly support activities throughout the supply chain and beyond; activities that may include animal testing, unfair trade in developing countries, human rights abuses, or investment in weapons and fossil fuels.The Good Shopping Guide exposes many of these connections, listing the level of corporate social responsibility of the companies behind hundreds of everyday products. It reveals which brands are implicated in abuses such as child labour, human rights violations, green-washing and environmental destruction in the UK and worldwide – and also shows which companies are deserving of your support.With these thoughts in mind, below is our annual list of the most & least ethical companies! The list is based on research carried out by the Ethical Company Organisation in 2017, which can be found throughout The Good Shopping Guide. For example, head over to the ethical skincare or ethical fashion sections to see why certain brands rank as most or least ethical.



The ECO.3 Team are proud to note that our ECO.3 Brand has been placed as one of the most ethical brands on the market today.


What Makes ECO.3 So Different

There are many cleaning and coating products on the market today. Many of these, as you probably know, do not do what they say on the tin. Many of the remaining ones are full of hazardous chemicals that endanger the health of you, your family, your pets and the environment.

At ECO.3 we set out with one specific aim in mind. To create a range of product that is ECO-RESPONSIBLE yet at the same time, work more effectively than the competitors products.



To achieve this we had to look at new technology and begin to look outside the traditional box…

Interestingly along the way we discovered that no other UK Company produced a cleaning product that does not require their ingredients to be listed on the label. They all use ingredients that are above the regulatory required level. Our ingredients do not contain any animal derivatives nor would we ever dream of testing our products on animals.

WAW…ECO.3 is therefore the only cleaning product that could be certified as ‘TRULY GREEN’ – ‘ECO-FRIENDLY’…you may have seen these words being used on other products but if they have to list their chemical ingredients then they are NOT GREEN or ECO-FRIENDLY.


By law every cleaning product that contains a perfume must list this…Again this creates confusion as there are many different types of scents available today. Most scents used in the cleaning industry are manufactured extremely cheaply using carcinogenic chemicals…

We do not wish to frighten you but this is a fact…94% of scents used in cleaning products can cause cancer. It’s no wonder why the rate of cancer is growing more rapidly than ever before.

Our customers, however, demand that we produce products that contain a scent. After all the market expects that if a bathroom has been cleaned, it must also smell clean and fresh.


So what makes ECO.3 different?

Therefore, the research and development team at ECO.3 have developed a natural based cosmetic quality scent that is NON-CARCINOGENIC and NON-ALLERGENIC… ideal for sufferers of asthma and associated conditions.

All our research, however, did not bring us much closer to producing a product that could compete with the products containing nasty hazardous chemicals. Perhaps some of you have tried other ‘GREEN’ products and found that they fail on performance. We had to look further outside the box, look for something that would turn our liquid into a magical potion that cleaned as well as, if not better than the toxic competition.

We decided to go back to basics…
What are we trying to get rid of? Dirt and soiling…
Why is a microfibre cloth great at getting rid of dust but not so good with traditional cleaning products? Because of the electro charge…


Dirt, soiling and dust are all negatively charged. These are lifted easily with a positive microfibre cloth. In other words negative dirt is attracted to positive microfibre – much like a magnet.
Cleaning products are positively charged to attract the negative dirt. Thus it makes any residue left on the surface positive. This makes it difficult for the microfibre to lift it away with attraction alone. In addition, since the residue is positive, it attracts more of the negatively charged dirt – so your surfaces get dirty again very quickly.


By making ECO.3 negatively charged, using modern manufacturing techniques to make the molecules small enough to migrate through the dirt, we create a super negative charge that makes it much easier for the microfibre cloth to pick up.
Better still, we also discovered that after cleaning, which left the surface more clinically clean than the traditional chemicals, the surface kept cleaner for longer.
This was due to the dirt not being attracted to a positive surface.

Our prayer had been answered. Not only do we have an eco-responsible, non-toxic, child and pet safe cleaning product, it actually cleans better and stays cleaner for longer.

So the question ‘So what makes ECO.3 Different?’ we believe has been answered. However, having solved the million-dollar question, we turned our attention to our surface protection coatings.

Using the same principal of smaller molecules migrating though into the deepest crevasses of the surface and bonding to this we were able to produce coating that would not only perform better than traditional coatings but would last for longer, be safer and cover a great deal more area than traditional coatings.
Our coatings do not detract from the original look of the surface but enhance it, making it easier to clean and maintain and stay looking like new for longer.
Using the latest technology and manufacturing techniques our products are guaranteed to perform better than traditional coatings with a much thinner coating application.

As with all things, a superior coating has more expensive ingredients and so costs a little more. This is more than compensated for by the higher performance which outlasts products made by our competitors.

So ECO.3 are the UK leaders in ECO Cleaning and Coating producing products that don’t cost the earth, do not contain hazardous or toxic ingredients that may affect the heath of your family and pets or destroy the environment, rivers and wildlife.

However, we did not stop there.
We were very anxious to reduce landfill, to save on plastic waste in order to protect our oceans and to reduce the carbon footprint in all we do. Above all we wanted to produce a delivery method that would be more environmentally sound and would be less expensive for the consumer.

Our Award-Winning recyclable Refill Sachets were the answer. Not only are they less expensive for the consumer to purchase, they save 93% of plastic waste and cut our carbon footprint…

We ticked almost all our boxes…the last box was to ask the consumer if they liked the products.

98/100 said they loved the products and would continue to use them.
One customer wanted to continue using her original product because she “preferred the scent” and one customer believed that if she did not use a strong chemical then she could not understand how she could achieve a clean surface.

You can purchase one years supply of Bathroom, Kitchen and Window cleaning products from our online shop at less than £1.00 a week for the lot.

ECO.3 have the ETHICAL COMPANY and ECO RESPONSIBLE CERTIFICATION. We also have many of our products registered by the Vegan Society.

We are also delighted to announce that our Charitable Contribution Program donates net 20% of all sales to your dedicated registered Charity. See our website for further details.


ECO.3 Products don’t cost the earth…www.eco3premierclub.com

Meet the Eco.3 Team


Meet the ECO.3 TEAM and see what they have been doing this month.

Eric has been busy this month continuing his correspondence with ‘The Ethical Company Organisation’. After sending all the ECO.3 product information including ingredients, packaging, sustainability, company ethic statements and operational details Eric is delighted to be able to release the following statement on behalf of the Company;


Chloe has taken over responsibility for ensuring all ECO.3 products are featured in the Ethical Company Good Shopping Guide so that our customers can be assured of our product credentials and purchase in confidence that our products meet strict ethical guidelines. Chloe released the following statement to the press;


Ozo doesn’t say a lot. After all he’s a dog and although he is very smart indeed, speech is still beyond him. However, we do know that he is delighted that our ECO.3 cleaning products are now registered with the Vegan Society and typically Ozo howled the place down until we released the following statement;


Charitable Contribution Program

ECO.3 are delighted to announce our new Charitable Contribution Program (CCP). This innovative and rewarding program is as a direct result of our customers asking us for help.

Many of you will know that for the past few months, ECO.3 have run competitions giving you the opportunity to win one years’ supply of cleaning products. Among the thousands of entries, we have received many requests from fundraisers asking us to contribute products for prizes for raffles and tombola’s as well as event sponsorship.

Due to the number of these requests, we have decided to initiate the ECO.3 Charitable Contribution Program (CCP) in order to help all registered charities, raise money for their causes.

The CCP is open to all registered charities in the UK and registering with us could not be more simple. Let’s explain how the CCP works and how you can be involved in raising money for your charitable cause.

CCP…How it Works

Any fundraiser can register on the CCP. Simply visit the CCP Registration Page on our website and complete the online application form. You must have registration number of the charity in order to complete the process.

We will then background check the charity as we are unable to work with certain types of undertaking for political or ethical reasons. If your charity meets our criteria, then we will email you with your ECO.3 CCP Registration Number which you can circulate to all your members and fundraisers.

Each time an order is placed in our online store using your charity’s CCP registration number, we will donate 20% – YES REALLY 20% – of the net invoice value to your charity.

Each month your charity will be sent a statement of all orders received using their individual CCP registration number and the donation amount will be transferred into their account.

That is each month, every month, forever.

Why not talk to your friends and fellow fundraisers? Together we can build a solid partnership where we protect the health of our families, protect the planet, act responsibly and sustainably and in addition raise thousands for your charity.

Together we can really make a difference by raising money for charity, using safe and non-cancer causing products, and protecting our environment – That’s a WIN-WIN for everyone.

Click here to complete your application form