Charitable Contribution Program

ECO.3 are delighted to announce our new Charitable Contribution Program (CCP). This innovative and rewarding program is as a direct result of our customers asking us for help.

Many of you will know that for the past few months, ECO.3 have run competitions giving you the opportunity to win one years’ supply of cleaning products. Among the thousands of entries, we have received many requests from fundraisers asking us to contribute products for prizes for raffles and tombola’s as well as event sponsorship.

Due to the number of these requests, we have decided to initiate the ECO.3 Charitable Contribution Program (CCP) in order to help all registered charities, raise money for their causes.

The CCP is open to all registered charities in the UK and registering with us could not be more simple. Let’s explain how the CCP works and how you can be involved in raising money for your charitable cause.

CCP…How it Works

Any fundraiser can register on the CCP. Simply visit the CCP Registration Page on our website and complete the online application form. You must have registration number of the charity in order to complete the process.

We will then background check the charity as we are unable to work with certain types of undertaking for political or ethical reasons. If your charity meets our criteria, then we will email you with your ECO.3 CCP Registration Number which you can circulate to all your members and fundraisers.

Each time an order is placed in our online store using your charity’s CCP registration number, we will donate 20% – YES REALLY 20% – of the net invoice value to your charity.

Each month your charity will be sent a statement of all orders received using their individual CCP registration number and the donation amount will be transferred into their account.

That is each month, every month, forever.

Why not talk to your friends and fellow fundraisers? Together we can build a solid partnership where we protect the health of our families, protect the planet, act responsibly and sustainably and in addition raise thousands for your charity.

Together we can really make a difference by raising money for charity, using safe and non-cancer causing products, and protecting our environment – That’s a WIN-WIN for everyone.

Click here to complete your application form

Sheer Magnetism

Ever wondered why loads of people swear by microfibre cloths for dusting but won’t use them for wet mopping?

Well here’s the rub – so to speak.

As a starting point, perhaps it would be good to explain the difference between microfibre cloths and mops and the old pair of ‘pants’ that get ripped up and used to clean around your home.

What is microfibre?

All fabrics are made of thread, yarn or filaments and the number of filaments/threads per square metre will determine how much liquid the cloth will absorb. In order to provide a measure of this the industry uses units called Decitex to measure the mass in grams per 10,000 metres of filament. In general, the higher the Decitex number, the thicker the yarn and lower number of filament ends and therefore the lower the liquid absorption.

A cloth or mop is described as microfibre only if its mass is less than 0.11mg/metre.

Cheaper microfibre cloths and mops have a very high Decitex count typically above 1 and this means that the mass of the yarn will be 1g per 10Km and therefore thicker yarn with less ends. Super high quality microfibre will be made from 0.5 to 0.22 Decitex yarn, which means there are many more filaments and ends with a corresponding massive increase in absorbency.

High Quality v Low Quality

Lower quality cloths are cheaper to produce, will typically snag on the skin, will not absorb much liquid and will disintegrate after a couple of washes. However, they are cheap to buy, but at the high environmental cost of constant disposal to landfill or incineration.

Higher quality cloths will absorb up to four times their weight in liquid and will last for several years, making them cheaper in the longrun than low quality cloths.

The ECO.3 microfibre range are not only high quality cloths manufactured from 0.22 – 0.5 Decitex yarn which means super absorbency, they are much more hard wearing and guaranteed for a minimum of 300 washes. This means that they will give good service for several years. Once you believe they have worn out we ask you to return these to us for recycling, but the story does not end there.

Fatal Attraction

Fatal for dirt and grime that is!

The method employed to manufacture the ECO.3 microfibre range imparts a high positive electrostatic charge to the filaments, which remains throughout the life of the cloth. Let’s consider this charge in terms of a magnet’s North Pole (+ve).

All dirt, dust and debris normally carry a weakly negative electrostatic charge – so let’s consider this as a magnet’s South Pole (-ve). As we can see from the magnet image below, lines of force always exist between a North and South Pole, illustrated here using iron filings which follow the lines of attraction.

Sheer Magnetism | Eco.3 Premier Club

Dusting v Wet Mopping

So, looking at the attraction between cloth and dust we can see that when dusting using microfibre, the many millions of charged filaments (+ve) attract the dust particles (-ve) easily and hold them within the structure of the cloth.

The difficulty occurs when adding a cleaning solution to the dirt and cloth – what happens to our magnet then?

Most cleaning solutions, sprays and disinfectants are positively charged. This appears to make sense when you think that dirt and grime typically carry a weak negative charge. The theory is that the cleaning solution will attract the negative dirt and hold it in the positive liquid. The trouble is that you now have a positive cleaning solution and a positive microfibre cloth, that will certainly absorb some of the liquid but will repel (force away) some solution which is left on the surface as residue.

Take a look at the image below. Two South Poles (-ve and -ve) actually repel each other which leaves more dirt on the surface and less removed in the microfibre.

Sheer Magnetism | Eco.3 Premier Club

An additional problem here is that the residue retains a positive charge, which attracts more of the negative dirt and grime. This sticks to the surface and so the surface becomes dirty again very quickly. You may have experienced this problem yourself when you clean a carpet or sofa for the first time after years of service and afterwards it becomes dirty again very quickly.

Clearly A Better Solution

At ECO.3 we don’t do positively charged cleaning solutions. All our solutions are engineered to be in magnetic opposition to our world class microfibre products. In other words, we manufacture cleaning solutions that carry a negative charge. When applied to the surface they surround the dirt and our negatively charged natural micelles smash into the dirt and grime, dislodge it from the surface, and hold it in the surrounding negative solution awaiting removal.

Then we apply our super positively charged microfibre cloth or mop which attracts and absorbs the fluid along with all the dirt, oils and grime. Because of the magnetic attraction and super high absorbency, very little liquid residue is left behind on the surface – so the surface is visibly cleaner.

And here comes the best bit; not only do you have a cleaner surface, the surface retains a negative charge from the cleaning solution. This charge repels (forces away) dirt and grime and so the surfaces remain cleaner for longer.

This is why we call our system ECO.3. There are 3 elements to our eco-responsible system, and these are:

1. Super positively charged, high quality, re-useable microfibre.
2. Super negatively charged, micelle based, eco-responsible cleaning liquids
3. More dirt removed = better cleaning and surfaces remain cleaner for longer.

The Future

The future is here. ECO.3 makes cleaning simple, straightforward and safe. You save money, make tasks easier and better still, surfaces sparkle for longer. Look at the science, do the maths and make a decision to change to ECO.3 for a brighter future.

Why ECO.3?

You’ve no doubt heard of Ecover, Method and Astonish as the standard by which all so called ‘Green’ products are judged. Quite right too as these are all very good products and are widely available through the major retail stores and supermarkets.

So why don’t we do the same?

Our philosophy is completely different to our competitors. We work with our customers and only sell our products online in order to reduce overheads and provide our customers with the best products at the best possible price.

Let us give you an example of what we mean. We have researched products and pricing across a wide range of outlets, and here’s where we fit in the big scheme of things.

The products highlighted in pink are the best selling branded products that are not marketed as ‘Green’ or eco-friendly. The products highlighted in green are the major product brands associated with eco-cleaning.

Each and every product MSD (Material Safety Data) sheet contains the Caution pictogram. You will note that ECO.3® Multi- Purpose Cleaner does not. In fact, according to the Green Chemistry Department at York University report, ECO.3® cleaner concentrate is safe to dispose of down surface drains under current EU Legislation and does not require a Caution pictogram or any other form of warning statement.

So, we have established ECO.3®’s Green Credentials and can confirm that it is without doubt the most eco-responsible product on the market.

So what next?

Let’s have a look at price. As we can see, the average price that each of the products in the table are sold at is shown. Whilst Astonish comes in as the lowest priced product, ECO.3® is there as the most competitively priced product in the list. When price is compared, added to green credentials, without doubt ECO.3® comes out top in our comparison chart.

So now to the big question. How does ECO.3® compare in cleaning power to all the other products?

This is not an easy question to answer and a great deal of money is spent on advertising in order to convince you, the buyer, that their product cleans better than all the rest. All of us remember the Fairy Liquid ads with a million plates and loads of bubbles. These ads made Fairy Liquid the best selling washing up liquid in the UK.

However, here at ECO.3® we take a different view. If we spent shed-loads of money advertising our products in an attempt to persuade you that our products are best, we would have to add the cost of these ads to our product – making it more expensive for you the customer.

In addition, as the new kid on the block, you probably wouldn’t believe us anyway. What we can say is that we have tested our products against all the competition and what we earnestly believe is that ECO.3® cleans better than all our direct competition. But we appreciate that you will probably think “Well, they would say that!” We are so confident that you will be totally satisfied that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Our cleaning products are better; our microfibre is among the best on the market and lasts several years; our coatings and preparations are unique and none of our competitors can offer the range that ECO.3® offers to our customers.

So, in effect our view is very simple. Forget the big advertising budget and offer our ECO.3® products to you at the best price possible. We let you judge how good they are and if you are not completely satisfied, then you can simply send the products back to us and we will refund your purchase. 100% guaranteed.

If you really won’t take our word for how good our products are, then take a look at the reviews and testimonials on our website and see what our customers say. Oh, and by the way, we don’t pay people for reviewing our products. What you see published on our website are 100% GENUINE CUSTOMER REVIEWS. If you like what we do, then please join us and post your own review.

By joining us online, you are contributing to the success of a truly global move toward the education of environmental issues and the useage of truly safe and eco-responsible products around the home.

In fact, if you feel strongly about the issues surrounding the damage to our environment, pets, children and health caused by toxic and harmful chemicals, then why not become one of our ECO.3® Product Champions and demonstrate to people the benefits of an eco-safe and eco-responsible home?

In conclusion, we have established that overall ECO.3® is the greenest product and saves you money based on its lower cost price, and we know that it cleans better than the competition.

However: WHY CHOOSE ECO.3?

At the end of the day we are acutely aware that the choice of product is yours, but as the saying goes, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover,” or in our case, “Don’t judge ECO.3® until you’ve cleaned with it!”

Please try it….you might be really glad you did.

Cats Vs. Dogs? Why Pet Safe Cleaning Products Gets You A BONEus!!

Felix and Fido don’t ask much of you. All they need is a warm place to sleep, for their bowls to be filled, shelter when the rain is beating down and the occasional walk in the fresh, country air. In return, you’ll have a friend for life.

What is important for all pet owners is that they repay the affection, companionship and loyalty their pets shown them every day with a safe home environment.

Typical household cleaners contain a wealth of chemicals that are harmful to your pet’s health. But, there is a solution whereby you can keep Fido and Felix happy and enjoy a squeaky-clean home – pet safe cleaning products.

What Harms Your Pet’s Health?

A mere glance at the ingredients of any household cleaning product and you’ll find a list of chemicals and substances that are harmful to your pets – and you too!

Glycol Ethers, commonly-found in a wealth of household cleaning products, including carpet cleaners, have been linked to lung and kidney damage and anaemia. Not just in pets either, Glycol Ethers have been proven to have negative effects on our health too.

Formaldehyde, used in shampoos and soaps, is carcinogenic and can exacerbate symptoms of asthma. New and unwashed bedding is also known to contain quantities of formaldehyde which can be particularly damaging to pet health.

Using animal-friendly cleaning products is the only way to ensure that Fido and Felix’s health is not adversely effected when you clean any area of the home. From the kitchen to the living area, and of course, your pet’s bedding and toys, ECO.3’s collection of non-carcinogenic and non-toxic products are simply the best choice for homes with paw prints.

Why ECO.3 Products are the Top Selling Pet Care Products on the Market

ECO.3’s pet safe cleaning products contain only natural plant-based ingredients. Gone are any harmful chemicals with vapours that have a detrimental effect on your pet’s health. All is left are healthy, natural cleaning products.

Change your pets’ lifestyle today and pick up one of ECO.3’s Introductory packs. The trigger sprays feature natural plant-based ingredients, combined with less than 0.05% anionic surfactants. Enjoy pet-friendly cleaning products with no toxicity, no VOC’s, and can be directly disposed of down the drain.

Not only are ECO.3’s products vegan-friendly, they contain zero animal-derived ingredients. We don’t believe in animal testing. Not one of our cleaning products is tested on animals.

Register with the ECO.3 Premier Club to Take Advantage of Great Special Deals

Once you connect online with ECO.3 , you can take advantage of special deals. Save money every single time that you need to purchase refill sachets, monthly supply refills or even starter packs!

You’ll never need to visit a pet store ever again. Choose from perfect dog-friendly cleaning products, that are less expensive than leading brands and tougher on stains!

Alternatively, our safer, healthier and less expensive cat safe cleaning products refills reduce your carbon footprint – and they’re not too bad at making surfaces sparkle either!

Something for Every Part of the Home

Our pet safe cleaning products are perfect for any area in the home. If Felix frantically paws at the window at the first drop of rain leaving an unsightly dirty residue, don’t reach under the sink for any old cleaner, choose the Eco.3 window cleaner.

ECO.3’s Eco-Responsible glass cleaner, is perfect for all types of glass surfaces and has a powerful cleaning action that leaves glass crystal clear without leaving any streaks.

If Fido has enthusiastically returned from a run around in the park, chasing birds and fetching sticks and then trudged muddy pawprints through the kitchen, the 750ml Eco.3 Multi-Purpose Cleaner is just what you need. When used with the unique Microflex Microfibre, there’s no better cleaning system.

To find out more about ECO.3 or place your order, come and visit us online TODAY. One of our friendly customer support staff is ready to answer any questions you have. All you need to do is to click the link here.

ECO.3’s Wars! Why Green ECO-Responsible Cleaning Supplies Saves You in the Long-Term!

We’ve all been sucked in by advertising. This product guarantees to eliminate germs in a flash. The results of our carpet shampoo will astonish you. You can’t turn on the television, open a laptop, or even walk down the street without having a bombardment of brands before your very eyes.

When it comes to cleaning supplies, the industry is packed with colourful and engaging products, shouting at the top of their lungs to catch your attention. But let’s be honest, they don’t always fulfil their promises – and are sold at premium prices.

Green cleaning supplies not only provide superior results, but are 100% environmentally-friendly, and will save you money hand over fist.

Do Your Part for Mother Earth

ECO.3’s green cleaning products allow anyone to do their part for mother earth. Choosing to ‘go green’ promotes recycling, reduces raw materials waste and eradicates the need for the disposal plastic and other packaging materials. Not only that, green products reduce air and water pollution, and helps combat climate change and ozone depletion – creating a healthier environment for everyone.

ECO.3’s refill sachets are amongst the best eco cleaning products on the market today. No longer will you have to trudge to the shops every time you’re supply of branded cleaner runs dry. Simply pour the sachet into the bottle, add H20 and off you go!

Each box contains 12 concentrated refills and can be easily stored under the kitchen sink. Perfect for large families, single people, and environmentally-conscious businesses, once you try our refill sachets, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

Keep those Pennies in Your Pocket

Buying bottle after bottle of cleaning supplies doesn’t come cheap. In fact, you may be shocked to realise just how much keeping your home or business clean month-in and month-out actually costs!

ECO.3’s green clean products are not only environmentally-friendly, they will keep those pennies in your pocket. Our lightweight MicroFlex EMR Cloths are perfect for cleaning oils and grease from any surface. These quality cloths will last for several years and can be put through the wash more than 300 times and still perform as good as new!

Gone are the days of the routine trips to the shops to pick up more and more, and more cloths just to keep your surfaces sparkling.

Enjoy a Healthier Environment

Having a home or place of business that’s free from germs is one thing. But what good are cleaning products if they too pose a risk to your health? Green, non-toxic cleaners not only offer superlative cleaning, but they won’t pollute your body, or the environment.

Just check the reverse side of non-environmentally-friendly branded cleaning products. You’ll find a checklist of warning instructions and a large black exclamation mark that tells you that the contents are harmful to your health.

Green cleaning supplies are renowned for improving the quality air indoors, lowering the health risks that are caused by traditional branded cleaner products that are rich in toxins.

Studies have demonstrated that using green clean products can reduce health issues such as eye irritation, respiratory problems, skin conditions, allergies, headaches and nausea. If you seem to spend hours rubbing your eyes, wondering if or why you’re suffering with the symptoms of hay fever, it may not be hay fever at all. It may be the cleaning products you’re using.

ECO.3’s Fresh Floor Cleaner Concentrate is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, child and pet safe. Formulated to produce energy filled natural micelles, this eco-responsible concentrate outlasts and out-performs any eco-friendly cleaner on the market, leaving your floors sparkling and your wallet full of savings.

Able to transform flooring of all descriptions, from vinyl to wood, ceramic and stone flooring, this powerful green cleaning supplies even work wonders on stained carpets!

To find out more about ECO.3 or place your order, come and visit us online TODAY. One of our friendly customer support staff is ready to answer any questions you have. All you need to do is to click the link here.

From Zero to #OceanHero in one big sweep!

Do you have what it takes to be an Ocean Hero?

Founded in 2009, Ocean Heroes is just what the name suggests. It’s an organisation whereby ocean conservationists pledge to take real action to protect the world’s oceans.

An Ocean Hero is someone that commits to doing amazing things to protect and preserve the natural beauty of the world’s oceans and all the wonderful wildlife that call the crystalline waters home. Making that change today to preserve our natural beauty will benefit everyone today, and the generations to come!

Thinking of Taking Up the Cause?

There are many ways anyone can get involved and make a real difference. From spreading the word through a series of fundraising events to taking the decision to only use environmentally-friendly cleaning products, anyone can make that important decision today and positively affect the future of the world’s oceans.

Ocean Heroes come from all walks of life, ages, backgrounds and ethnicities. They’re a group of people that have united together in a common cause. You can be part of something that really makes a difference!

From educational outreach to political advocacy, there are many ways that anyone can make a vital contribution. Each summer Oceana recognises and celebrates the accomplishments of a select few adults and young people who truly exemplify what it means to be an ocean hero.

How ECO.3 Personifies the Spirt of Ocean Heroes

It’s been said that heroes are made, not born. Here at ECO.3 we believe that everyone has it in them to go from zero to #Ocean Hero in one big sweep!

Our range of award-winning non-toxic household cleaners allow anyone to become a hero to the ocean – in their very own home. Each product contains only natural, plant-based ingredients. There are no harmful chemicals, and they can be used in wealth of different environments.

From kitchens to bathrooms, hot tubs, swimming pools and even septic tanks, a quick spray and you’re on your way. All our products are environmentally-friendly and manufactured from recyclable materials.

ECO.3’s re-usable trigger sprays are amongst the best natural cleaning products on the market today. Designed to be used in a range of different environments and applications, these trigger sprays will leave any surface sparkling and clean enough to eat off.

Sold with a ‘no quibble’ lifetime guarantee when bought with our ECO.3 refill sachets, these re-usable trigger sprays are sold in a single bottle with spray concentrate, and are tougher and less expensive than leading brands.

Say Hello to Single Use Plastic

Plastic bottles are the enemy of the environment. It takes one plastic bottle at least 450 years to completely degrade – at least. According to some estimations, once discarded a plastic bottle can even blight the landscape for as long as 1000 years! The bottle of water you drink today could still be hanging around in a landfill by the year 3117!

What is, perhaps, more eye-opening is that more than 90% of the plastic bottles that we use every day aren’t recycled and that bottles manufactured from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or PETE) will NEVER biodegrade – they’re here forever.

Of the roughly 300 million tonnes of plastic manufactured each year, 50% is single use. That means, it’s used once and then thrown away. That’s a lot of plastic clogging up landfills across the globe.

Over hundreds of years, plastic will begin to decompose – but as it does, it releases chemicals (those used to shape and harden the plastic) into the earth. These chemicals can make their way into our bodies, causing havoc with our health.

Many leading healthcare professionals advocate single-use plastic as the best way to preserve our health and the environment, and here at ECO.3 that’s exactly what our environmentally-friendly cleaning products are made from.

Become an Ocean Hero Today

So, you’re ready to become a champion for environmentally-friendly products? Fantastic. As with any journey, the first steps are the most important.

However, the bottom line is that our high-performance eco-friendly products will save you time, money, improve your health and help you to contribute towards creating a sustainable environmental future for you, your children and your children’s children.

To find out more about ECO.3 or place your order, come and visit us online TODAY. One of our friendly customer support staff is ready to answer any questions you have. All you need to do is to click the link here.

How to Clean Just About Anything with ECO.3

A healthy home is a clean home. Regardless of how vigilant and consistent you are with cloth, mop and your trusty spray dirt, dust, grime and stains can just seem to materialise on every surface, fixture and fitting.

To tackle this reoccurring frustration, every homeowner needs to be equipped with a collection of cleaning products. The question of how to clean your home effectively is answered quite simply by having the right products to handle the job – and, on occasion, some elbow grease.

ECO.3’s range of non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, natural eco-friendly cleaning products are perfect for every area of the home. Our sustainable cleaning solutions contain natural plant-based ingredients and are 100% free of harmful chemicals that pollute waterways the instant they’re flushed down the sink or toilet, not to mention playing havoc with our bodies, and destroying the natural environment.

Here’s a look at just five of ECO.3’s products that will change the way that you clean your home – forever!

e-Screen Protector Kit

Screens are a magnet for dust and dirt. You’re not alone wondering how to clean your Touchscreens, LED and TFT monitors. Wiping the screen with a cloth will remove surface dust and the odd dirty fingerprint, but that hardly means that you’ve banished every particle of dust and dirt from the surface.

Our e-Screen Protector Kit combines meticulous cleaning with an invisible protective layer coating the surface. This innovative care product minimises fingerprint staining for days and repels dust and dirt from the screen surface, providing you with optimal visibility.

Perfect for tablets, smartphone and laptops, the e-Screen Protector Kit allows fingers to glide across the touchscreen surface with ease, allowing for optimal functionality.

Some LED screen cleaners have can leave residue on your screens, or in some cases, even damage the screen, forever compromising your enjoyment. Using innovative, multi-phase fluids, consisting of dynamic molecular structures, ECO.3’s e-Screen Protector Kit removes dirt and dust effectively by providing a barrier layer between the dirt the surface of the screen.

Every ingredient of the e-Screen Protector Kit is safe, biodegradable, solvent-free and has been proven in the cosmetics industry for decades.

Microflex Micro-Speed Mitt

Quality and versatile eco cleaning products, our ECO.3 Microflex Micro-Speed Mitt is designed to manage almost any cleaning task.

Able to be used on surfaces as diverse as outdoor patio furniture and indoor household surfaces, these high-performance mitts are ideal for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, before taking them outside and scrubbing the furniture clean.

Use our ECO.3 cleaning fluid in combination with the Microflex Micro-Speed Mitts for glistening finish. Each mitt is colour coded to prevent cross-contamination, and can be washed 1000 times – meaning that you’ll never have to throw them away.

Forget buying bulk loads of cleaning mitts for each area of your home. Our Microflex Micro-Speed Mitts, hands down beat the competition!

Microflex Micro-Speed Mitt

Ultraclean Oven and BBQ Cleaner

The start of the summer season is the start of barbecue season! We all fancy ourselves handy with a set of tongs in our hands, but before the grilling can commence, the question is how to clean a barbecue that’s spent the winter in the garden shed?

Ultraclean Oven and Barbecue Cleaner is an environmentally-friendly cleaner that’s been specifically-designed for cleaning outdoor barbecues and grills, removing the burnt remnants of last summer’s barbecues and dirt accumulated after a summer in storage.

Using Nano-smart technology, Ultraclean reaches below the surface, leaving grills gleaming. It’s non-toxic, environmentally-friendly ingredients mean that you also don’t have to worry about ingesting harmful substances when you take a bite of a delicious burger on a hot summer’s afternoon either!

Ultraclean Oven and BBQ Cleaner

Stainless Steel Polish

Eco3 Stainless Steel Polish will add that extra special sheen to your stainless steel. A deep, penetrating polish that nourishes the steel and adds a protective layer to the surface, there is simply no better product to remove unsightly stains.

Easy to use, and with all natural ingredients, our Eco3 Stainless Steel should be a cupboard staple – and will prove invaluable when your preparing for that dinner party in the hopes of becoming the toast of the season.

Stainless Steel Polish

Auto Insect Remover 500ML

As any car owner will tell you, avoiding getting bugs and flies on your windshield is pretty much impossible – and the wipers aren’t much use either!

ECO.3 Auto Insect Remover when you need to know how to clean your windshield. This innovative insect remover features a negatively-charged formula combined with negative soiling to produce a super-negative charged residue that penetrates the windshield and makes it a doddle to remove unsightly windshield bugs, without leaving behind any residue.

The spray contains no abrasive chemicals, and once the surface is cleaned it remains in a negative charge that helps repel further soiling. Beats soapy water hands down!

Auto Insect Remover 500ML

To find out more about ECO.3 or place your order, come and visit us online TODAY. One of our friendly customer support staff is ready to answer any questions you have. All you need to do is to click the link here.

Why purchase from the ECO.3 Premier Club?

When you purchase from our ECO.3 Premier store, you are joining a global following of like-minded people who are interested in the same things you are. Every client, like you, has made the decision to make a change in the way they buy and use everyday products.

None of us can afford to wait for the day when supermarkets decide to offer eco-responsible products at a price you can afford, or with readily available refills that save you money and reduce the impact on the environment.
Every day in each country around the world people are using toxic, harmful and cancer causing chemicals to clean their homes. These chemicals are then washed down the drain and end up polluting our water courses, killing wildlife and accumulating in the soil and river beds. Slowly we are destroying our planet – and for what reason?

You do have the choice of which product you buy and use. But why should you pay more for a product just because it’s GREEN?
Here at ECO.3, we respect that you have a choice. We don’t want you to have to pay more for being eco-responsible. In fact, we want to offer you products that do not destroy the environment; that do not affect the health of your family, your children or your pets. But we also want to offer you products that work, that make your household chores easier and quicker, and that do not cost you any more money. Have a look at our MY ECO.3 PACK to see the value you can get.

Our values are very simple:

  • We do not use any animal derived ingredients in our products and we absolutely do not test our products on animals.
  • We understand that the environment is under attack and we want to help prevent its destruction
  • We offer you the opportunity to become a participant in a global movement toward real environmental awareness and protection
  • We offer products and systems that are effective, eco-responsible, sustainable and do not damage your health or the health of your pets.
  • We promote a healthy, sustainable and ethical business model that seeks to enhance our lifestyle choices

This is the essence of the ECO.3 philosophy. Why not support us and help to drive the change to eco-responsibility and sustainability for all households?

Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner

7 Benefits of Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner – How You Can Save The Planet.

The bathroom is probably the hardest room in your home to keep clean. Your family use it every day and it doesn’t take long for bacteria, dirt, dust and other nasties to build up. A non-toxic bathroom cleaner would be ideal – better for your family and the environment, but would it be as good at keeping things clean and fresh?

There’s nothing worse than everyone in the family going down with a bug, so you need a product that will kill bacteria and disinfect surfaces. Non-toxic house cleaners can do a great job keeping things spotless around your bathroom – and they have other big advantages, as you will see.

1. Non-Toxic cleaners reduce exposure to toxic substances

Most commercial bathroom cleaners are full of toxic ingredients that clean and deodorise your bathroom, but aren’t so great for your family. Whether it’s sodium hypochlorite in your toilet bleach, MCI in your window and glass cleaner, or phthalates in your air freshener, there are lots of chemicals in bathroom products that can cause eye and skin irritation, allergies and respiratory problems.

If you pick eco bathroom cleaners instead, you can get rid of the toxic substances these products contain and make your home a healthier place to be. It’s easy to make your own effective green cleaners with basic household ingredients, or you can choose from the next generation eco-friendly cleaning products.

2. Non-toxic cleaners are safe for children and animals

Your children and pets are particularly sensitive to toxic chemicals, so it makes sense to get rid of commercial bathroom cleaners to safeguard their health. Eco-friendly cleaners will immediately make your bathroom a healthier place to be.

Many of the chemical ingredients in branded cleaners are bioaccumulative, meaning that any trace substances that are picked up in the air or on surfaces can build up in the body over time and cause health problems. This can be particularly bad for small children, who can develop allergies and respiratory problems when exposed to toxic ingredients over time.

Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner

3. Eco-friendly cleaners improve your bathroom’s air quality

If you decide to ditch the bleach for more eco-friendly options, you’ll find that the air quality in your bathroom drastically improves. There will be no chemical smell lingering in the air, and no chance of inhaling toxic chemicals as you wipe down surfaces.

An added bonus is that non-toxic house cleaners don’t contain synthetic fragrances, many of which have been found to contain phthalates or xylene, a neurotoxin and possible reproductive toxin. You won’t miss breathing those in!

4. Non-toxic cleaners are cheaper than commercial cleaners

Contrary to popular belief, eco-friendly cleaning products work out a lot cheaper than commercial brands. The very cheapest option for natural bathroom cleaners is to make your own with ingredients such as white vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. All you need are simple recipes and you’re ready to go!

But even if you opt for eco-friendly cleaning brands you’ll soon find that they work out cheaper too. This is because most companies offer refills for each product, so you can re-use the plastic bottle you first bought and just buy the product. Great news for your household budget!

5. Non-toxic cleaners don’t harm the environment

Because alternative green products are made from biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients, they don’t have a negative impact on the environment. You aren’t putting toxic chemicals down the sink into your waste water to be filtered out later, and you’re using fewer plastic bottles because you re-use the ones you already have.

Plastic bottles are made from petroleum so how many you use contributes to your carbon footprint – this is a great and simple way to reduce your impact on the planet. You can have a clean bathroom and feel good about it too!

6. Eco-friendly cleaners make your bathroom smell better

We’ve already talked about how removing toxic cleaning products from your bathroom gets rid of that chemical smell you’re used to. But there are even more benefits to going green. Eco-friendly alternatives tend to be fragranced with essential oils or other natural perfumes, which smell better than synthetic ones.

If you previously use a synthetic air freshener, you’ll notice the benefits immediately. Instead of a chemical smell that claimed to have something to do with a pine forest, you can breathe in the aroma of fresh lemon, sandalwood, tea tree oil or lavender. And there’s no health risk attached.

7. Your bathroom is easier to keep clean

One of the surprising aspects of choosing an eco-friendly bathroom cleaner is that it might be easier to keep your bathroom clean in future. Rather than struggling with weaker ingredients that have green credentials but aren’t as effective, technological advances mean you no longer have to compromise on the cleanliness of your bathroom.

The best eco-friendly cleaning products now use micelle liquid technology, which harnesses the power of charged particles to remove dirt, stains and bacteria. It works by using a negatively charged liquid spray to combine with the negatively-charged dirt etc. and with a super-positive microfibre cloth this draws out the negative particles from a surface so it’s easy to remove.

The cleaning liquid also forms a barrier between the cleaning surface and the dirt, protecting your bathroom from becoming dirty again for longer. All that’s needed is a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth and everything’s clean, shiny and hygienic again.

New Technology Brings Innovative Solutions | Eco 3 Premier Club

We’re in the Monkey House…New Technology brings Innovative Solutions

That’s the case in point at Paphos Zoo where Ioulios Christoforou, the Paphos Zoo manager, was introduced to ECO.3 products. Initially we discussed the cleaning efficiency of the ECO.3 Multi-Purpose Cleaner for the general cleaning requirements of the zoo. The odourless, eco responsible and biodegradable Continue reading “We’re in the Monkey House…New Technology brings Innovative Solutions”

Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning

The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Products List –Your Guide to Going Green

It only takes a bright winter’s day to realise just how much your home needs a good scrub. But the shock of discovering there’s dust a mile high on the dresser is nothing compared to the shock of discovering how damaging traditional cleaners can be to you, your family and the environment. The truth is, your traditional household cleaning products list could be a hazard waiting to happen.

I’m not usually someone who reads labels. But my attitude changed the day I sprayed window cleaner in my eye. Oh, the pain! When my vision returned, I read the label of my normal brand. I’d had no idea it contained toxic chemicals. I began to read the labels on other products. I turned to Google to find out what all these chemical terms meant, and the horror continued.

When I realised my collection of chemicals was truly harmful, I decided to look for more natural alternatives.

But here’s the thing: going green isn’t an over-night sensation. To change the habits of a lifetime, and resist some very powerful retail advertising and social norms, you need green solutions and evidence. So, I’ve created it for you: the ultimate guide to going green. Read on to discover more.

The Toxic Cocktail in Traditional Cleaning Products

Most traditional cleaning brands contain ingredients that are very effective at removing the dust, dirt and germs from most family homes. Unfortunately, many of these ingredients are harsh chemicals that are toxic to human and animals, causing a wide range of health problems, from skin and eye irritation to respiratory and reproductive disorders.

Before we look at eco-friendly alternatives and DIY cleaning options, let’s find out more about the toxic chemicals many traditional brands contain. Please note this is not an exhaustive list. Check the labels to find out what’s in your household cleaners.

1. Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Often contains bleach, quaternary ammonia compounds, 2-Butoxyethanol, synthetic musks or phthalates (fragrances).

What problems can they cause? Eye and skin burns, skin irritation or contact dermatitis, respiratory problems, sore throats, reproductive problems, allergies, asthma, migraines, and (in high doses – e.g. unventilated rooms) narcosis, pulmonary oedema, severe liver and kidney damage. Contributes to antibiotic resistance.

2. Window cleaner

Often contains: MCI, 2-Butoxyethanol, ammonia

What problems can they cause? Eye and skin irritation, allergies, respiratory problems, asthma, chronic bronchitis.

3. Bleach

Often contains: sodium hypochlorite and ammonium hydroxide

What problems can they cause? Skin and eye burns, skin irritation, allergies, asthma, wheezing, shortness of breath. (If mixed with acidic ammonia cleaners) produces toxic chlorine gas.

4. Bathroom Cleaner

Often contains quaternary ammonium compounds, phosphates, sodium hydroxide, trisodium nitrilotriacetate (NTA).

What problems can they cause? Eye and skin burn, eye and skin irritation, allergies, respiratory problems, asthma. Damage to the environmental water supply. Contributes to antibiotic resistance.

5. Drain Unblocker

Often contains: Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dehydrate, sodium hydroxide

What problems can they cause? Eye, skin and respiratory burns, severe eye, skin and lung irritation, (in high doses) kidney damage. Long term damage to aquatic ecosystems.

6. Toilet Cleaner

Often contains: Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), sodium dichloroisocyanurate dehydrate, sodium hydroxide, ammonia.

What problems can they cause? Eye, skin and respiratory burns, severe eye, skin and lung irritation, (in high doses) liver and kidney damage, breast cancer. Causes reproductive effects in aquatic organisms, toxic to aquatic ecosystems. Contributes to antibiotic resistance.

Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning | Eco 3 Cleaning Products

7. Oven Cleaner

Often contains Sodium hydroxide, monoethanolamines (MEA), diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA), 2-Butoxyethanol, ammonia.

What problems can they cause? Eye and skin burn, eye and skin irritation, allergies, respiratory problems, asthma, blood disorders, reproductive problems, kidney and liver damage, cancer.

8. Air freshener

Often contains: synthetic musks, phthalates, benzene, formaldehyde

What problems can they cause? Interferes with the normal functioning of hormones, asthma, migraines, allergies, reproductive problems, cancer. Toxic to aquatic organisms.

9. Laundry Detergent

Often contains monoethanalomine (MEA), diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA), 2-Butoxyethanol, phthalates, nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), phosphates, Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES).

What problems can they cause? Eye and skin irritation, interference with the normal functioning of hormones, blood disorders, cancer. Toxic to the environmental water supply.

10. Furniture Polish

Often contains: synthetic musks, phthalates, isoparaffin

What problems can they cause? Interference with the normal functioning of hormones, allergies, asthma, migraines, cancer.

Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning | Eco 3 Cleaning Products

11. Carpet Cleaner

Often contains: 2-Butoxyethanol, phthalates, synthetic musks

What problems can they cause? Eye and skin irritation, blood disorders, hormone disruption, allergies, migraines, asthma, (in high doses) reproductive problems.

12. Antibacterial hand wash

Often contains: Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), triclosan
What problems can they cause? Eye and skin irritation, hormone disruption, contributes to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Long-term toxic effects in the aquatic environment.

With so many harmful chemicals in branded cleaners, it makes sense to change to natural alternatives that help to protect your health and the environment.

Green Cleaning Alternatives that Work

Before branded cleaning products were invented, people looked in their kitchen cupboards for ingredients to keep their homes clean and hygienic. If home-made remedies are for you, it’s cheap and easy to switch to these green cleaning alternatives. They’re good for the environment and your budget.

You can find lots of recipes for DIY home cleaners online. But with an eco-friendly cleaning range that works, why not consider:

1. Eco3 Multipurpose Cleaner

The multipurpose cleaner is an eco-responsible cleaner for all water tolerant surfaces. The powerful cleaning action can leave surfaces clinically clean – guaranteed. In clinical tests, the multipurpose cleaner provided outstanding performance and was simply the best eco-responsible multipurpose cleaner.

2. Eco3 Window Cleaner

Catering for all kinds of glass surfaces, the Eco3 window cleaner is a powerful window cleaning solution that leaves your glass crystal clear without streaks.

3. Eco3 Bathroom Cleaner

Ideal for all water tolerant surfaces within bathrooms, the powerful cleaning action leaves bathroom surfaces clinically clean. With a water based unique fresh scent, the Eco3 bathroom cleaner proved that it had outstanding performance and was simply the best eco-responsible bathroom cleaner.

4. Ultraclean Oven & BBQ Cleaner

The Ultraclean Oven & BBQ Cleaner is a laboratory proven, environmentally friendly cleaning product, specifically designed for cleaning grills and outdoor BBQ cooking surfaces. With high-tech ingredients to actively tackle all grease, grime and food residue, this cleaner leaves you with a sparkling clinically clean surface. Cleaning the surface like no other, Ultraclean makes light work for interior ovens, oven doors, cooktops, grills, griddles, oven trays and BBQ’s.

5. Home Red Wine Remover

We’ve all been there, had a gathering of people at home and you can almost guarantee that someone spills the dreaded Red Wine on your brand new carpet. Nightmare right? Within clinical trials and our years of experience, we have never seen a more effective, non-toxic, red wine stain remover. Being negatively charged, the remover has two advantages;

1) Forcing up the soiling to the surface, this is then picked up with the micro fibre cloth that is super positively charged.

2) The surface is then cleaned and left in a negatively charged state that repels further soiling.

Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning | Eco 3 Cleaning Products

Got that? Great. Now I can relax 😉

Green Cleaning Alternatives – Next Generation Brands

The next generation of eco-friendly cleaning brands uses clever technology to make their cleaning products safe, non-toxic and even more effective than trusted natural cleaners. Brands such as ECO.3 have created an eco-friendly cleaning range that uses a dynamic micellar liquid with a negative charge to reach and dislodge dirt particles deep within surfaces.

The advantages of using advanced eco cleaning brands like ECO.3 are:

  1. There’s no need to use harsh, caustic chemicals during cleaning.
  2. They don’t leave a chemical residue, so there aren’t any ugly streaks left on surfaces.
  3. Used in combination with a microfiber cloth, cleaning is quick and easy, and there’s no need for scrubbing.
  4. The micelle solution leaves a negatively charged layer on surfaces that help to repel dirt, leaving surfaces cleaner for longer.
  5. ECO.3 cleaners are available for a wide range of household surfaces, so there’s a specially-formulated natural alternative available whatever you want to clean.

Most of our ECO.3 products have no added fragrance, however, some Eco3 products contain natural, water-based, non-toxic fragrances that won’t cause you or your family to develop allergies, respiratory problems, or any other health issues. A range of advanced microfiber cleaning cloths is also available.

Eco Friendly Cleaners

Brands like ECO.3 can offer you an affordable, sustainable cleaning solution because every product is available online at affordable prices. You can have products delivered directly to your home address and you can make further savings when you order refill packs rather than buying more plastic bottles.

Not only is it cheaper to clean naturally, with fewer harsh chemicals in the home, but it reduces your family’s carbon footprint by reducing demand for plastic bottles too. If you’re planning to upgrade your household cleaning products list, these solutions are reliable, proven alternatives.

Eco friendly cleaning tips, Why use eco friendly cleaning products, eco cleaning tips

10 Quick Eco Friendly Cleaning Tips and Why You Should Use Them!

You care about the planet and want to create a safe, non-toxic environment for your family, so switching to green cleaning products is a no-brainer. But how can you make sure the products you choose are just as good as commercial brands? Read on to discover our top 10 eco-friendly cleaning tips.

1. Switch to Non-Toxic Surface Cleaners

Most commercial multi-purpose surface cleaners use toxic chemicals such as ammonia to help shift stains and disinfect surfaces. Thankfully, it’s easy to switch to eco-friendly options that don’t cause allergies, asthma and skin irritation.

You can make your own multi-surface cleaner with equal parts white vinegar and baking soda dissolved in water. It’s a cheap, non-toxic option.

If you prefer to have a more effective cleaner or don’t have the time or confidence to do it yourself, no problem. ECO.3 have a non-caustic multi-purpose cleaner that will destroy fatty stains on most surfaces around the home. It comes fragrance-free for complete hygiene, so it’s easy to keep rooms clinically clean.

2. Ditch the bleach from Bathroom Cleaners

Bleach is one of the harshest ingredients in commercial cleaning products. It’s active ingredient, sodium hypochlorite, is highly corrosive. Contact with it can damage your family’s skin, causing burns, allergies and eye irritations. Not nice, right?

This leads us to the next of our eco cleaning tips: ditch the bleach in your bathroom! hydrogen peroxide is a milder eco alternative that isn’t toxic to use around the home but still keeps things hygienic and white.

If you’d rather trust the experts, opt for ECO.3’s eco-friendly Bathroom cleaner. It traps dirt and bacteria using a dynamic micelle liquid, so just one sweep of a microfiber cloth and your bathroom is bacteria-free and smelling as fresh as the morning air. Magic!

3. Choose Water Safe Cleaning Options

Hopefully now you’re clear why you should use eco-friendly cleaning products – they’re much safer for you and your family. But have you thought about how toxic chemicals affect the water supply? With eco-friendly cleaners you don’t need to worry.

Green cleaning products like white vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice are water safe – they don’t create toxic products that have to be filtered out or diluted down with chemicals.

This is why eco-friendly cleaners are so great. Products like ECO.3’s Kitchen Cleaner uses a dynamic micelle liquid that leaves no toxic residue. With no fragrance, it doesn’t cause allergies or skin irritations either. So your kitchen surfaces are streak-free and your waste water is safe for everyone. It’s a win for the planet!

4. Watch what’s in your window cleaner

A lot of commercial cleaning products contain unexpectedly toxic ingredients. Take window cleaner. Did you know many brands contain MCI, a preservative and anti-fungal agent that can cause allergies and severe skin reactions? No? Most people don’t.

Window cleaner can be so powerful it damages LCD and plasma screens, marble worktops and wood. Not exactly something you want touching your children’s skin. Why not choose a natural based alternative instead?

You can knock up a green window cleaner with dilute white vinegar, and scrub away smears with old newspaper, but there’s also effective eco-friendly brands that take away the effort. ECO.3’s Window cleaner uses dynamic micelle technology to clean windows and glass in a flash without the health risks of commercial cleaners and without leaving dreadful streaks.

Eco friendly cleaning tips, Why use eco friendly cleaning products, eco cleaning tips

5. Green clean your screens

Just like window and glass cleaner, many commercial screen cleaners contain chemicals you’d rather not put near delicate skin or eyes. They use alcohol or degreasers to break up smears on your laptop, TV or smartphone.

An easy green alternative is to use mild alcohol solution to get rid of fingerprints and smudges, but there are also innovative green brands that have proved even more effective.

ECO.3’s e-Screen cleaner helps to prevent recurrence of smears and stains by using multi-phase fluids to apply an invisible protective layer to screens. It completely removes dirt and grease and also creates a barrier layer on the screen surface. So your screens stay cleaner for longer. Bonus!

6. Choose an alternative to commercial carpet cleaner

Pets, babies or small children spend most of their lives on the floor. This makes it particularly important that your carpet cleaner is non-toxic. Unfortunately, commercial brands use some of the most toxic chemicals found in the home, like propylene glycol methyl ether, propane, and synthetic fragrances.

As an alternative, keen green cleaners use an eco-friendly mixture of equal parts salt, borax and vinegar to tackle tricky carpet stains, leaving a non-toxic, clean environment.

Advanced eco-friendly brands like Eco. 3 use dynamic micelle liquids to remove stains without toxic solvents. Their Fresh Floor Cleaner can be used on any water tolerant surface including carpet, producing impressive cleaning results and leaving a pleasant non-carcinogenic water-basescent.

7. Handle your textiles with care

Another source of toxic chemicals, commercial upholstery cleaners are packed with ingredients you’d rather your family didn’t ingest.

While you already know why you should use eco-friendly cleaning products, making an effective natural upholstery cleaner can be tough. The good news is ECO.3 have it covered, with a textile spray that cleans, freshens and deodorises mattresses, curtains and upholstery.

The cleaner helps prolong the life and looks of your textiles, and even has a unique fresh scent. Just spray any surface, leave to work for a few moments, then wipe away stains with a microfiber cloth.

Eco friendly cleaning tips, Why use eco friendly cleaning products, eco cleaning tips

8. Take the trouble out of troublesome stains

Every parent knows children make a mess, and sometimes it’s tough to clean things up. Whether it’s grease all over a favourite pair of jeans, or felt tip pens on the walls, removing these stains naturally can be a headache.

Most commercial products are full of solvents, propellants and other toxic nasties. So get rid of those! You can make green alternative by applying baking soda to the area with a damp sponge.

Eco-friendly brands such as ECO.3 have taken things another step further. Their skin friendly Hand Oil Remover is safe for the skin while being highly effective at removing oil, grease, felt tips, permanent markers, ink and other tricky stains from a variety of surfaces. It’s like Harry Potter without the wands!

9. Make steel shine without the stink

It’s hard to make stainless steel shine without toxic cleaners. Most specialist products contain produce nasty ammonia fumes that fill your kitchen and can affect your breathing.

Instead, clean your stainless steel surfaces with white vinegar and olive oil and wipe them with a clean cloth. You’ll be done in a flash!
Another option is to use ECO.3’s Stainless Polish. It harnesses Nanosmart technology to deep clean the metal. Because it penetrates and cleans so deeply the polish can last up to two months, meaning you don’t have to clean as often either. Great news for busy parents!

10. Choose microfiber cloths to clean up

Most of us use disposable sponges and scrubbing brushes to clean and freshen our home. They’re easy to use and discard, but we know we’re adding them to the landfill mountain, so why not pick more sustainable options?

Microfiber cloths have a positive charge that naturally attracts dirt, grease and oil, making it easier to remove stains without any cleaning product. Because they’re double-sided, you can scrub away stains and then wipe surfaces clean with the same cloth. When you’re done, just pop them in the washing machine. They last at least 30 washes. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that ECO.3 have a range of Super-Microfibre Cloths guaranteed to last 300 washes.

Now you’ve read our eco-friendly cleaning tips I hope you’re excited to put them into practice! It won’t be long before your home is free of toxic chemicals and the planet is better off too.

Pet friendly cleaning products, Safe cleaning products for pets, common household chemical list

The Complete Guide to Harmful Household Cleaners – and Alternative Pet Safe Cleaning Products

Your pet relies on you to keep them safe. In return they love you unconditionally. And having a clean, healthy home environment is part of this agreement. But using traditional chemical-laden household cleaners may be harming your pet’s health. Continue reading “The Complete Guide to Harmful Household Cleaners – and Alternative Pet Safe Cleaning Products”