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Cleaning shouldn’t  cost the Earth

ECO.3 Premier Club by Hydros Solutions International, now part of the Radal Technology group of Companies, are British Manufacturers of Eco-Responsible cleaning and protection solutions. We specialize in next generation domestic, industrial and commercial surface cleaners and coatings that do not contain harmful ingredients. Our highly advanced surface coatings help to reduce the usage of harmful chemicals to clean and protect surfaces and our cutting edge, eco-responsible cleaning products outperform the competition offering unique environmental advantages.

Most treated surfaces can be cleaned by simply using our eco-responsible cleaners, drastically reducing the impact on the environment from harsh, carcinogenic chemicals and our award winning Eco-Refill Sachets dramatically reduce our carbon footprint by a massive 93%.

We are working towards making everyone’s home a safer and more eco-responsible environment by introducing ecological products that are allergen-free, non-carcinogenic, effective in performance, Vegan friendly as they do not use animal derived ingredients and represent excellent value for money. We have eliminated the need to throw away your plastic trigger bottle by introducing easy to use eco refill sachets. Our products are safe to pour down the drain or into a septic tank as they are non-toxic to human and animal life. ECO.3 is also safe to use on pet dishes, leaving the surface clinically clean.

ECO.3 have teamed up with Breast Cancer UK to help make people aware of the harmful use of hazardous household chemicals and their link to Cancer.

Fact #1

Did you know that on average, each household produces 10Kg of hazardous and toxic waste? Much of this is poured directly down our drains into our rivers and watercourses causing untold pollution damage to our eco-system. (source www3.epa.gov)

Fact #2

When households pour toxic and hazardous waste down their drains, these can combine to produce toxic fumes, corrosive liquids, explosion risk, burns, damage to septic tanks. (source www3.epa.gov)


Enjoy the price reduction benefits across our Ethical and Eco-Responsible product range. Vegan friendly,  our cleaning products do not have any animal derived ingredients nor are they tested with animals.


Use only one bottle, no replacing the bottle once it‘s empty, just fill up with water and add our concentrate.


With the ECO.3 high quality reusable spray guns, and recyclable refill sachets, we reduce the amount of plastic your household will use. All our packaging is 100% biodegradable also.

Our Company and all our ECO.3 Cleaning products have ECO-RESPONSIBLE CERTIFICATION. We are delighted to be a member of this prestigious group


Our Company were delighted to be awarded the Ethical Award from the Ethical Company, an authorised eco-labelling organisation.

Not only this but we were placed as the Top most Ethical Cleaning Brand on their Worldwide “Good Shopping Guide”.

We were also glad to announce that the Good Shopping Guide had rated us and placed our ECO.3 Brand in the top spot for a second year in a row.

We truly believe in our Ethics and  our determination to make the planet more eco-sustainable.

Our Charitable Contribution Program (CCP) is designed to help Organisations, their Staff, Fundraisers and Associates raise funds for their Charity.

For each purchase made using the Charity CCP Code, we will contribute a percentage of the sale to the charity. To register a charity send us a message and we will send you the appropriate form to fill in online.

We also ask our Clients each year to nominate an environmental cause in their local community that we can support.

Our dedicated team are constantly researching and developing product to improve the quality and reduce the effects upon the environment.


Find out how to become a Sales Agent for the ECO.3 Premier Club and sell products to your friends, family and customers. You will have access to cutting edge products and systems that will provide you with a secure product range on which to build your sales business.

The ECO.3 brand is an assurance of quality and reliability, putting your business in control with unique eco-responsible and sustainable products developed to work in every market sector