Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner

7 Benefits of Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner – How You Can Save The Planet.

The bathroom is probably the hardest room in your home to keep clean. Your family use it every day and it doesn’t take long for bacteria, dirt, dust and other nasties to build up. A non-toxic bathroom cleaner would be ideal – better for your family and the environment, but would it be as good at keeping things clean and fresh?

There’s nothing worse than everyone in the family going down with a bug, so you need a product that will kill bacteria and disinfect surfaces. Non-toxic house cleaners can do a great job keeping things spotless around your bathroom – and they have other big advantages, as you will see.

1. Non-Toxic cleaners reduce exposure to toxic substances

Most commercial bathroom cleaners are full of toxic ingredients that clean and deodorise your bathroom, but aren’t so great for your family. Whether it’s sodium hypochlorite in your toilet bleach, MCI in your window and glass cleaner, or phthalates in your air freshener, there are lots of chemicals in bathroom products that can cause eye and skin irritation, allergies and respiratory problems.

If you pick eco bathroom cleaners instead, you can get rid of the toxic substances these products contain and make your home a healthier place to be. It’s easy to make your own effective green cleaners with basic household ingredients, or you can choose from the next generation eco-friendly cleaning products.

2. Non-toxic cleaners are safe for children and animals

Your children and pets are particularly sensitive to toxic chemicals, so it makes sense to get rid of commercial bathroom cleaners to safeguard their health. Eco-friendly cleaners will immediately make your bathroom a healthier place to be.

Many of the chemical ingredients in branded cleaners are bioaccumulative, meaning that any trace substances that are picked up in the air or on surfaces can build up in the body over time and cause health problems. This can be particularly bad for small children, who can develop allergies and respiratory problems when exposed to toxic ingredients over time.

Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner

3. Eco-friendly cleaners improve your bathroom’s air quality

If you decide to ditch the bleach for more eco-friendly options, you’ll find that the air quality in your bathroom drastically improves. There will be no chemical smell lingering in the air, and no chance of inhaling toxic chemicals as you wipe down surfaces.

An added bonus is that non-toxic house cleaners don’t contain synthetic fragrances, many of which have been found to contain phthalates or xylene, a neurotoxin and possible reproductive toxin. You won’t miss breathing those in!

4. Non-toxic cleaners are cheaper than commercial cleaners

Contrary to popular belief, eco-friendly cleaning products work out a lot cheaper than commercial brands. The very cheapest option for natural bathroom cleaners is to make your own with ingredients such as white vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. All you need are simple recipes and you’re ready to go!

But even if you opt for eco-friendly cleaning brands you’ll soon find that they work out cheaper too. This is because most companies offer refills for each product, so you can re-use the plastic bottle you first bought and just buy the product. Great news for your household budget!

5. Non-toxic cleaners don’t harm the environment

Because alternative green products are made from biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients, they don’t have a negative impact on the environment. You aren’t putting toxic chemicals down the sink into your waste water to be filtered out later, and you’re using fewer plastic bottles because you re-use the ones you already have.

Plastic bottles are made from petroleum so how many you use contributes to your carbon footprint – this is a great and simple way to reduce your impact on the planet. You can have a clean bathroom and feel good about it too!

6. Eco-friendly cleaners make your bathroom smell better

We’ve already talked about how removing toxic cleaning products from your bathroom gets rid of that chemical smell you’re used to. But there are even more benefits to going green. Eco-friendly alternatives tend to be fragranced with essential oils or other natural perfumes, which smell better than synthetic ones.

If you previously use a synthetic air freshener, you’ll notice the benefits immediately. Instead of a chemical smell that claimed to have something to do with a pine forest, you can breathe in the aroma of fresh lemon, sandalwood, tea tree oil or lavender. And there’s no health risk attached.

7. Your bathroom is easier to keep clean

One of the surprising aspects of choosing an eco-friendly bathroom cleaner is that it might be easier to keep your bathroom clean in future. Rather than struggling with weaker ingredients that have green credentials but aren’t as effective, technological advances mean you no longer have to compromise on the cleanliness of your bathroom.

The best eco-friendly cleaning products now use micelle liquid technology, which harnesses the power of charged particles to remove dirt, stains and bacteria. It works by using a negatively charged liquid spray to combine with the negatively-charged dirt etc. and with a super-positive microfibre cloth this draws out the negative particles from a surface so it’s easy to remove.

The cleaning liquid also forms a barrier between the cleaning surface and the dirt, protecting your bathroom from becoming dirty again for longer. All that’s needed is a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth and everything’s clean, shiny and hygienic again.