5 Benefits of Non-Toxic Kitchen Cleaners You Didn’t Know

By their very definition, toxic kitchen sprays aren’t good for your health. But, your kitchen is the heart of your home and it’s important it stays clean and safe. Instead of being stuck between a toxic wasteland and a filthy salmonella-ridden kitchen, you could change to a non-toxic kitchen cleaner for a kitchen that sparkles and is safe, healthy and clinically clean too. This article explores five surprising benefits of making the change.

Non-Toxic Kitchen Sprays Safeguard Your Children Before They’re Born

One of the most common toxic chemicals in household cleaning products are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Particularly found in spray cleaners, these nasty compounds are known to harm unborn babies. They can cause premature births, low birth weight and birth defects and can also alter the baby’s immune system resulting in asthma and allergies later in life.

If you’re pregnant or planning to have children, now is the time to keep your kitchen clean with a non-hazardous spray. This will naturally reduce the toxins in your body and will help limit the amount being passed on to your baby. If you’re thinking of using anti-bacterial sprays then remember, you are going to breathe in these products and they do not differentiate between good bacteria and bad bacteria – they kill everything! Some new generation products like ECO.3 when used as directed with quality micro fibre cloths will remove everything from your surfaces making them clinically clean. Independent testing has shown that an effective cleaning solution and micro fibre can remove all germs and bacteria without the need for anti-bacterial ingredients. So you won’t be breathing in anything that will do you harm.

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They Stay in the Bottle When Not in Use

Surely all products stay in the bottle when they’re not being used, don’t they? Actually, they don’t. The toxins present in traditional cleaners seep out from closed lids to release harmful vapours into the air. One way to prevent this chemical creep is to remove toxins altogether, particularly in the kitchen where food is eaten. While you might enjoy a Bloody Mary with brunch, nobody wants a chemical cocktail. By switching to a food safe, people and planet safe kitchen cleaner, you’ll remove the risk.

Eco-Cleaners Purify Your Home in Less Obvious Ways

Mud, dirt, grease and stains are obvious reasons to clean your kitchen. And we all know about the threats posed by germs like Listeria, E-Coli and Salmonella. But homes also contain less obvious threats like toxic dust.

Clinical Professor of Immunopharmacology, Stephen Holgate, says that,

“indoor exposure to household chemical and personal products accumulate in house dust, which serves as a Trojan horse when inhaled carrying these chemicals into the body.”

Because the body can’t process every toxin you inhale, the chemicals in dust progress into your blood stream and if you’re pregnant, your breast milk.

Scientists also highlight that children are at greatest risk because they often play or crawl around on the floor of your home. Touching their mouths with contaminated hands places them at greater risk because their bodies and brains are still developing so they can’t process the toxins they ingest.

Lighten your home’s less visible toxic load. Remove chemical products room by room, starting with your kitchen.

Non-toxic kitchen cleaner, Non-toxic kitchen cleaners, keep your kitchen clean

Eco-Responsible Cleaners Protect Your Pets from Low-Hanging Fumes

In the same way that children are more at risk from toxic dust because they play on the floor, pets are also at risk from low hanging fumes. Some toxins, like chlorine, hang heavier in the air and lurk in low-lying areas where pets tend to live and children like to crawl. Because of their small size, a greater burden is placed on their bodies from exposure to these toxins.

Animals and children also process chemicals differently to adult humans. While you can detoxify from certain harmful chemicals, pets and kids can’t always do the same. Over time, the build-up of chemicals can lead to chronic health issues.

Eco-Responsible Kitchen Cleaners Use Modern Technology for Safe Cleaning

Non-toxic kitchen cleaners don’t mean less effective cleaning. Some products, like Eco.3’s kitchen cleaner, replace harsh chemicals with modern technology so you can make your surfaces sparkle without any extra time or elbow grease.

The clever folks at Eco.3 use negatively-charged liquids to repel the dirt up to the surface. And because opposites attract, they recommend using a super absorbent positively-charged microfibre cloth from the unique ECO.3 Microfibre Range to pick up all the dirt and leave less residue on the surface.

Now available for use in the home, this food-safe spray tested by Campden BRI was originally used to cut through fat, grease and oil in commercial kitchens without damaging stainless steel surfaces or leaving toxic residues.

Switching to a non-toxic kitchen cleaner has plenty of hidden benefits. If you’re ready to make the change and want to know what to look for, visit the Eco.3 website and join our growing premier club for exclusive discounts.