Why do we continue to use household cleaners that contain toxic chemicals, carcinogens and are harmful for our children and pets?

Why are we comfortable to pour this toxic waste into our rivers and streams every day?



Use only one bottle, no replacing the bottle once it‘s empty, just fill up with water and add our concentrate.


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With the ECO.3 high quality spray guns, and refill sachets, we reduce the amount of plastic your household will use.

A Cleaning Revolution

As featured in the ‘HOUSE & GARDEN’ magazine


The ECO.3 cleaners, unlike many of its competitors, are negatively-charged. This negative charge has two distinct advantages over traditional cleaners:

1) ECO.3 cleaners force up the soiling to the surface of the electro-charged liquid. The super-negative soiling is then picked up with a microfibre cloth that is super-positively charged.

2) The surface is left in a clinically-clean, negatively-charged state that helps to repel further soiling.

So What makes ECO.3 special?

Our ECO.3 cleaners are natural-based dynamic micelle formulated sustainable liquids that cut through dirt and grime yet are non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, food safe, water safe, pet safe and above all skin safe. They are Vegan-friendly, FREE of ALL animal-derived ingredients and no animals were used in the development or testing of these products. All ECO.3 products have the premier ECO RESPONSIBLE CERTIFICATION.

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YES…Made from Natural, Plant-based, sustainable ingredients that are Eco friendly, Family & Pet friendly, Vegan friendly and Allergen friendly. There have absolutely no hazardous or animal derived chemicals in the formulation nor are Animals used in the development of our products. Our products carry a 100% Money Back Guarantee and used as directed, leave your surface clinically clean 100% of the time. All our products have ECO RESPONSIBLE CERTIFICATION

ECO.3 keeps surfaces cleaner for up to 3 times longer.

ECO.3 leaves your surface clinically clean, reaching deeper into the pours and cleans out all the nasties.

Due to its negatively charged micelle formulation, ECO.3 repels new soiling and bacteria unlike most household cleaners that are positively charged and attract these more readily.

And, unlike many who advertise they are Eco friendly, all our products have ECO RESPONSIBLE CERTIFICATION.

In clinical trials ECO.3 products outperformed all the rivals. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with the performance that we give a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE  

It has been said by our clients “they have never used a better product

ECO.3 Cleaning products save on 93% of plastic waste and cut the carbon footprint. Used in hospitals, schools, zoos, cruise liners, business premises and homes worldwide.

In our opinion these products are better than any other on the market.

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However, we believe you will love the products that much that you would wish to encourage people to use the product.

Kind Words From Our Customers

Ever since I married the love of my life, cleaning the house has been a bit of an issue. Not that he was unwilling to help, but because my husband has severe allergies to anything I have tried using to clean with in the past. Just the odour can set him off.

I can’t even wear perfume because it triggers an attack!

A friend introduced me to the ECO.3 range of cleaners and came around to give me a demo in the kitchen and bathroom. Not only do they do an exceptional job of the cleaning chores, they are also simple to use. But best thing is that they don’t set off my husbands allergies to trigger an allergy attack!

Kate Rimmer

As cleaning is not on the top of my list I was excited when a friend invited me to an Eco3 product demonstration as she explained that these products were great.

There are so many products stain remover, oven cleaner, window cleaner, the list just goes on and on. I could talk all day about Eco3 products. They are just such awesome products and non-toxic to the environment, skin safe and products that really work on every thing in the home.

You need to try them for yourself to see how good they really are.

Margaret Johnson

I contacted the club and received a very quick response and helpful advice. I joined the club immediately and two days later my Membership Pack arrived at my door, having been informed of its time of arrival.To my absolute delight I have a result…my granite worktops are looking like new and sparkly!!! ECO3 Premier Club, you have one very happy member…I would recommend everyone to try these amazing products and join the Premier Club.


Louise Maggs

The ECO.3 Bathroom Cleaner has a very fresh scent, not overpowering like many of the cleaners on the market. My Daughter is allergic to strong scents and this product is perfect for our needs. It cleans everything in the Bathroom with ease, leaving the chrome taps and ceramic sparkle.

Myra Thompson

I am 100% delighted with the ECO.3 Kitchen Cleaner and refill sachet. Not only does this Eco Responsible cleaner perform better than my original BIG BRAND cleaner, it is safer to have in the home and more economical.

Louise Taylor

One of the jobs I hate is to clean my windows. Your ECO.3 Window Cleaner is the best I have ever used. It leaves my windows gleam without effort and leaves no streaks. Using your Window Glove with the ECO.3 Window Cleaner it makes this job even quicker and easier to get a perfect result.

Jean Burke

Cleaning is a chore. I try to use the most effective means possible to clean areas in my house. A while ago I attended an Eco3 product line demonstration and WOW!
What amazing products.

The solution plus the cloths eliminate even the toughest dirt/stains/grease in my bathroom and kitchen areas. I absolutely love the mop. It’s so easy to use. By using the Eco3 product line I save time, energy and money. This enables me to spend more time doing the things I love.

I recommend the product line to everyone.

Christine Gibson

I am very happy to report that having my yacht treated with your Marine Restoration Kit with Pro Gloss over 5 years ago, I have not had any problems with the colour of the Gel Coat. The brightness is as good as it was when when it was first treated. The UV has oxidised all the Gel Coat of my friends yacht having been kept in the same conditions as mine. I would recommend your ECO.3 Marine Restoration Kit to anyone to restore and protect their yacht.

Andreas Ruthe

I would like to say that I am extremely pleased to recommend ECO.3 Cleaning products and ECO.3 Glass and Stone products.

All these products have increased the hygiene level for our animals and the viewing experience of our guests. The effectiveness of the products are amazing, saving time and effort for our hard working staff.

Ioulios Christoforou

I live on the coast and have problems with corrosion. Having been introduced to the Eco.3 system many of these problems have been eliminated. The system could not be easier to apply and everyone can see the fantastic results particularly on our painted iron work.

Karen O’Hara

I just wish to say your Eco.3 system has transformed my old yacht. It nowlooks better than the day I bought it. Not only did it revitalize the UV damage to the gel coat, the original red hull was almost a white/pink color, but this was done within 2 hours start to finish.

Terry Higgins

I would certainly recommend anyone wishing to use the Eco.3 system for Aviation. It has not only performed a far greater depth of cleaning than the products we used before but it’s a great deal less costly and more Eco friendly.

Haraldur Siggeirsson


If you‘d like to learn more about our products or on how to be more ECO-responsible then get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help. Alternatively you can leave us a message via the contact form.

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